More Service for More Riders

Commissioners received a report detailing the massive service improvements recently introduced on 46 TTC bus and streetcar routes. The report was forwarded to all Toronto Councillors, York Region Transit, Mississauga Transit, Metrolinx and the Ontario Ministries of Transportation and the Environment. A total of 180 service increases to reduce crowding and wait times began on Feb. 17. More service increases addressing ridership levels will be added throughout 2008, along with the planned fall improvements that are part of the TTC’s Ridership Growth Strategy.

Transit City Update

Commissioners received an update on the Toronto Transit City – Light Rail Plan. A presentation made by TTC staff addressed numerous issues, including: vehicles, design standards, proposed connections, preferred alignments and public consultation. The TTC and Metrolinx have ranked the Sheppard East, Etobicoke-Finch West and Eglinton Crosstown LRTs as the top three Transit City priorities. Environmental assessments are underway on all seven light rail transit lines. 

Union Station Platform Art

Commissioners approved an artwork proposal for the Union Station New Platform Project. The artwork will reside between panes of glass that will run the length
of the new platform (about 500 feet). The concept proposed by artist Stuart M. Reid is called Zones of Immersion. Construction on the new platform is scheduled to begin by fall of 2009.

Kennedy Derailment Conclusion

Commissioners received a final report on the cause and corrective action taken in the subway train derailment near Kennedy Station on Feb. 4. A failure of the torque arm link and safety pin caused a gearbox to drop and derail the last car of the train. The TTC inspected the entire subway car fleet, over and above the regular 35-day inspection cycle, and all H-6 cars were retrofitted with a new safety pin design as a precaution. “We’re satisfied the incident that occurred will not happen again,” said CGM Gary Webster.