Record-high 477.4 million customers carried in 2010

In 2010, the TTC set an all-time record of 477.4 million rides, surpassing its previous all-time record of 471.2 million set last year, according to the Chief General Manager’s Report.

The TTC achieved a 1.3-per-cent increase in people carried in 2010 despite an estimated loss of 658,000 customers due to the G20 Summit held in downtown Toronto on Sat., June 26 and Sun., June 27. A one-day of high of 1.68 million riders were carried on Wed., Oct. 27, 2010.

With more than 1.5 million passengers on a typical weekday, the TTC has one of the highest per capita ridership rates in North America. One billion customers are carried approximately every 26 months. The TTC is expected to welcome its 28 billionth customer in the fall.

Introducing TTC’s new Chief Customer Service Officer

TTC Chair Karen Stintz introduced Chris Upfold, the TTC’s new Chief Customer Service Officer, who was present at the Commission meeting. Upfold officially starts in his new position on May 30.

Upfold joins the TTC from the London Underground. He brings considerable expertise and understanding in the importance of what the customer means to a transit system as well as the vital role that TTC employees will play in achieving customer service success.

New service on Fenmar Drive

Commissioners approved a new Monday-Friday, peak-period service on Fenmar Drive in the Emery Village area, near Weston Road and Finch Avenue, starting on June 20. The new 36F Finch West buses will be implemented at no cost by modifying the current 36D Finch West route, and will serve a rebounding commercial/industrial area surrounding Fenmar Drive. Buses will run every 24 to 32 minutes.

Transit service to Variety Village

Commissioners unanimously voted to operate every second bus trip on the 12 Kingston Rd route to a new bus stop on Danforth Avenue in front of Variety Village as of May 8. The board also approved continuing to operate the 406 Variety Village Community Link service to the recreational facility from Main Station during a transition period. The Community Link service is available to both ambulatory and non-ambulatory customers.

The TTC also provides services to Variety Village via the 20 Cliffside bus route and door-to-door service for Wheel-Trans registrants.    

2010 TTC Special Constable annual report

Commissioners approved the annual Special Constable year-end report for 2010. The report provides information on the TTC’s Special Constable Program during 2010 including activities performed, use of authorities, occurrence reporting, training, public complaints and year-end highlights.

The report shows that TTC Special Constables had made 350 arrests or apprehensions. It also indicates that TTC Special Constables reported 531 criminal occurrences on the system last year.