Moment of silence for Peter Pavlovski

Commissioners, TTC staff, Union officials and members of the public paid respects to the late Mr. Peter Pavlovski with a moment of silence at the start of the TTC Board meeting at Toronto City Hall. Mr. Pavlovski, a Road Master, lost his life on the job on Sept. 14, 2012.

Commission approves 2013 preliminary TTC budgets

Commissioners approved the TTC’s preliminary 2013 Operating, Wheel-Trans and Capital Budgets. These preliminary budgets will be forwarded to the City of Toronto for submission to the City Budget process and for confirmation of the 2013 operating subsidy level. Updated 2013 Budgets are expected to be back before the Commission for approval later this fall. Here is what was approved:

  • 2013 Preliminary Operating Budget

Commissioners approved expenses totalling $1.55 billion, with an assumed flat-lined operating subsidy of $411 million. To balance its budget, the TTC would need a total subsidy of $421 million. The TTC is projecting a record ridership level of 528 million in 2013 (five per cent higher than the 503 million budgeted for 2012), while maintaining its cost-recovery rate at 73 per cent, one of the highest in North America. The preliminary budget is facing a $10-million shortfall.

Commissioners approved in principle a five-cent increase in the price of a single Adult token, effective on Jan. 1, 2013, and a proportionate increase to all other fares (no change to Cash or Child fares).

  • 2013 Preliminary Capital Budget

Commissioners approved a total of $879 million for the 2013 portion of the 2013-2017 Base Capital Program. The budget continues to provide for state-of-good-repair projects and legislative requirements (97 per cent of the total), station and facility improvements and expansion initiatives (excludes new transit lines). The 2013-2022 Capital Budget is worth $6.4-billion, plus a $96-million amendment for 24 more buses in 2016, and a new bus facility by 2017.

Based on current funding assumptions, there is more than sufficient funding available to cover 2013 budgeted expenditures. However, the 10-year forecast for infrastructure projects and vehicle procurement and overhauls, is facing a $600-million shortfall that needs to be addressed in consultation with the City.

  • 2013 Preliminary Wheel-Trans Budget

Commissioners approved the 2013 Wheel-Trans Operating Budget worth $102.5 million to maintain a customer accommodated rate of 98 per cent, and to introduce 24-hour service starting Jan. 1, 2013, as mandated by the Accessibility for Ontarians Disability Act Transportation Standards.

Wheel-Trans contacting all ambulatory dialysis patients

Commissioners gave the go-ahead to begin notifying approximately 700 ambulatory dialysis patients – who do not meet eligibility criteria – that paratransit service will be discontinued starting on Jan. 1, 2013. Wheel-Trans staff is assisting the Local Health Integration Network in Toronto and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in developing its new transportation model.

On Jan. 31, Commissioners voted to restore Wheel-Trans service for dialysis trips by ambulatory customers through 2012 using a funding increase to the TTC Operating Budget approved by City Council on Jan. 17.

Bus servicing and cleaning contract awarded

Commissioners approved the award of contracts to Hallcon Corporation and to Topnotch Building Maintenance Ltd. for the supply of bus servicing and cleaning at two garages, both for a period of 27 months. The board also authorized a total expenditure of up to $23.2 million for bus servicing and cleaning at the TTC’s remaining six garages.

The contract awards will allow the TTC to achieve an average annual savings of $4.3 million when fully implemented.

Notice of award - subway washroom cleaning

Commissioners received notice of award for a contract worth $8.8 million to Topnotch Building Maintenance Ltd. for the supply of subway public washroom cleaning in 20 public washrooms at 10 subway stations. The contract is for five years, from Dec. 2, 2012 (or earlier) to Dec. 1, 2017.

Notice of award - articulated bus fleet

Commissioners received notice of award for a contract worth $25.1 million to Nova Bus (a division of Volvo Group Canada Inc.) for the purchase of 27, 18.3-metre (60-foot) articulated, low-floor, clean-diesel buses for delivery in 2013. The report stated that the TTC will seek authority to proceed with an award for an additional 126 articulated buses (after approval of the 2013-2022 Capital budget) at a cost of $119.4 million.

The TTC Bus Fleet Plan calls for 27 articulated buses in 2013 and 126 in 2014. The TTC is expected to achieve upwards of $9 million annually in operational savings when all 153 articulated buses are in service.

Crisis Link earns award

The TTC and its Crisis Link partners – Distress Centres of Toronto and Bell Canada – were presented with the 2012 Corporate Leadership Award for safety and security by the Canadian Urban Transit Association. The Crisis Link Suicide Prevention Program, established in June 2011, offers assistance and hope to those most at risk of suicide on the subway.