CEO Report highlights

  • A new suite of customer information tools for bus stop and shelters will be rolled out in January 2013 as a trial on the 94 Wellesley route.
  • Consultations have begun with a group of employees on a new uniform for frontline staff. The new uniforms will help deliver on the TTC’s vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud.
  • Last December, the TTC completed the rollout of credit and debit card acceptance at all subway/rt stations; increases in the sale of Metropasses are already significant.

Newsstands agreement and newspaper distribution in the subway

Commissioners re-affirmed the execution of a lease agreement with Tobmar Investments International Inc. for the continued operation and management of Gateway Newsstands in the subway system, and amend the existing lease agreements with Tobmar associated with the bakeries, cafes and lottery locations; and approved to separate out the distribution of free newspapers for a separate Request for Proposals issued by Gateway. The TTC will be part of the RFP evaluation process for the selection of the successful proponent along with Gateway.

TTC to pursue claims

Commissioners approved a motion directing TTC staff to pursue claims to recover costs from eight Transit Enforcement Officers recently dismissed by the TTC. The claims are to recover wages paid to the eight individuals for time they were alleged to not be at work (during working hours) while they were being paid to work; for costs incurred to investigate the matter; and for costs incurred in cancelling and/or rectifying fraudulent Provincial Offences tickets and convictions alleged to have been issued by these officers.

The Board also voted to fully support a request for the reinstatement of Special Constable Status for TTC Transit Enforcement Officers, and directed the TTC CEO to report back to the Commission with a recommended action plan to respond to the control and/or operational issues identified through the course of the investigation.

It’s The Leslie Barns

Commissioners voted in favour of renaming the future streetcar maintenance and storage facility, being built at Leslie Street and Lake Shore Boulevard, to The Leslie Barns. The overall project has been developed with extensive input from the local community, and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014.

TTC requested to review its baby stroller practice

In response to a deputation from a member of the public, Commissioners agreed to review how the TTC accommodates baby strollers to ensure policies and practices are applied consistently across the system.