Call for joint City/TTC study to help improve 504 King service

The Board approved the following motion presented by TTC Chair Karen Stintz:

The Board request the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee to direct Transportation Services to prepare a joint City/TTC report on the feasibility and merits of implementing morning rush-hour reserved streetcar lanes on King Street, including details pertaining to:

  • Extent/boundaries of the lanes.
  • Means of designation or separation of the lanes.
  • Means of enforcement.
  • Means of monitoring effectiveness of the lanes.
  • Cost of implementing such lanes.
  • Effects on the other traffic in the corridor.
  • Study of other traffic management measures to mitigate delays at other pinchpoints
    on the King Street route.

The report should also include other recommendations for a trial implementation of such lanes, including the earliest practical date for undertaking such a trial. If appropriate, this reporting-back could be contained within the forthcoming Downtown Transportation Operations Study.

353 Steeles East trial extension begins on August 4

The Board approved a trial extension of the 353 Steeles East overnight bus route, from Middlefield Road to Markham Road. The extension will result in new bus service, between 1:30-5:30 a.m., on industrial/commercial streets.

Starting on Aug. 4, seven days a week, the route will be extended east on Steeles Avenue to Markham Road, turning south on Tapscott Road, west on Passmore Avenue and north on Markham Road. Service will continue to be provided every 30 minutes. No extra buses will be required and no additional costs incurred.

TTC Transit Enforcement Unit update

The Board received a report on the status of organizational and operational changes to the TTC’s Transit Enforcement Unit. The report stated that significant internal changes have occurred and that positive steps have been achieved with the Toronto Police Services Board to reinvigorate the TTC security model.