TTC to study BIXI bike integration

Board Members approved a motion by TTC Chair Karen Stintz for TTC staff to prepare a report on the feasibility and expected costs of integrating BIXI Toronto into the TTC; and forward its decision to the City of Toronto Executive Committee and to the Deputy City Manager with a request that any decision on the BIXI matter be deferred until the TTC report is referred by the TTC Board to the Executive Committee for consideration.

TTC Board endorses use of dedicated revenues for The Big Move

The TTC Board supported a motion by Board Member Josh Colle endorsing the Metrolinx Plan (The Big Move), and for dedicated revenue tools to be implemented by the Province to fund the Metrolinx Plan. The Board also supported recommendations in the City Manager’s Report, dated April 9, 2013, and the May 2013 resolutions of Council, and that the TTC CEO convey this support to the Province and Metrolinx.

TTC helps with youth apprenticeships and training

The TTC Board endorsed the applicability of apprenticeship and training programs for TTC construction projects. Through its construction bidding process, the TTC would encourage community engagement via voluntary participation of potential contractors in programs for youth. The TTC is reviewing how it can incorporate the City’s Working as One program into its hiring practices and engage its contractors in this local workforce development initiative.

Auditor General’s report on TTC overtime

The TTC Board received a report from the City’s Auditor General’s Office entitled, TTC Employees Overtime and Related Expenses – Continued Controls Monitoring. The report showed a staff overtime decrease of about eight per cent (or $5.5 million) in 2012 to $65.3 million compared to $70.8 million in 2011. The use of continuous controls monitoring was initiated at the City in 2011. The TTC is the first major agency or corporation to undergo this process.

Follow up to Ombudsman’s report

The TTC Board endorsed the TTC’s Construction Projects Property Acquisitions Management Plan. The plan is part of the TTC’s response to the Ombudsman’s October 2012 report. The other commitments of the TTC in response to the Ombudsman’s report – a Community Relations Management Plan, a Councillor Relations Policy, a Good Neighbour Policy and a Property Acquisition Plan – were considered and endorsed by the Board at the February 2013 meeting.

Reconsideration of lease agreements in the subway

The TTC Board approved the issuance of a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for retail opportunities within the TTC. The issuance of a new RFP will be deferred until 2016, with an effective start date of May 1, 2018. The deferral will allow time for the TTC CEO to study opportunities to maximize revenue through the retail operations available throughout the TTC. It will also provide time to examine and study opportunities to improve the customer experience through retail operations within the transit system, with an emphasis on modernizing the retail experience to best meet customer expectations.

The Board also approved a set of principles and terms and conditions to facilitate an extension of the current lease agreements, or new agreements with Tobmar Investments International Inc. (Gateway), to commence on May 1, 2014 and expire on April 30, 2018. Among the recommendations approved was one for Gateway committing to the issuance of a separate RFP for the distribution of free daily newspapers within the TTC, which is to be issued no later than January 30, 2015. The TTC will be involved in the preparation and evaluation of the RFP.