TTC Board meets in North York

The TTC Board held its first meeting of the year in the Council Chamber at the North York Civic Centre. Last December, Commissioners requested TTC staff to investigate the possibility of holding meetings in 2015 at alternate locations.

Safe Service Action Plan

Board Members received for information a presentation from TTC staff on the Safe Service Action Plan. The plan contains 12 action items that have been undertaken or are under review. Here is a summary:

  • A notice was issued last November to all operators stressing the absolute need for observance of the Highway Traffic Act.
  • An information campaign was distributed to all operators stressing diligence when approaching red traffic signals and the need for defensive driving techniques. The campaign was combined with one-on-one counseling and support from supervisory staff.
  • Speed audits using GPS data gathered from buses and streetcars will be used to identify speeding infractions and violations, and will result in operators being coached.
  • A trial is underway on the 111 East Mall route to remove the schedule deviation display from vehicle communications units. The test is being conducted to determine if operators will experience less stress by driving to conditions rather than driving to schedule, and have less incentive to speed in order to keep to schedule.
  • The TTC has reached out to other transit organizations to identify best practices and new and effective ways to prevent collisions. 
  • The TTC is investigating new technologies to mitigate and prevent collisions.
  • A comprehensive review of the TTC’s training for new operators and for recertifying operators over the course of their career.
  • The TTC will work with the City’s Transportation Services on an outreach campaign around pedestrian, motorist and cycling safety and behaviours. Last year, the TTC began a review of the organization’s recruitment, training, supervision and monitoring of operators after several incidents involving TTC vehicles running red lights were reported. Last December, the review was accelerated following the tragic death of a 14-year-old girl struck by a bus in Scarborough.

An overview of Transit Enforcement

Board Members received for information a presentation from TTC staff on the Transit Enforcement Unit. The presentation covered roles and responsibilities, training, composition and accountability of Special Constables and Transit Fare Inspectors. The item was deferred to the Board’s next meeting to allow for further discussion on the item.

Upcoming Board meetings

The next scheduled regular TTC Board meeting will be on Wed., Feb. 25 at Toronto City Hall, starting at 10 a.m., with the public session starting at 1 p.m. A special meeting of the Board will be held on Mon., Feb. 2 to debate the TTC's 2015 budgets. It will be held at Toronto City Hall starting at 9:30 a.m.