In 2018, the TTC took a hard look at its capital needs throughout the entire organization, a comprehensive assessment of what it will take for the TTC to succeed in the face of regional growth. 

The result - a $33.5 billion, 15-year capital funding outlook that focuses on existing needs and growth based on approved regional and city plans. Making Headway: Capital Investments to Keep Transit Moving 2019-2033 was presented to the TTC Board on January 24, 2019.

The TTC’s top priority is running a system that is safe and reliable for our customers. We know that having the necessary money to properly fund the system will mean a vastly improved commute for all of our customers.

Without proper funding, we don’t have the capacity to support the steadily growing volume of customers into the future.

$33.5 billion is a lot of money. Read the plan and watch the video to understand why we need it, where it goes and what would happen without it – for our infrastructure, our vehicles and, most importantly, our customers. It’s about accessibility, reliability, safety, and keeping our vehicles moving so we can move people where they need to go.