The Customer Liaison Panel (CLP) is an advisory panel of the Toronto Transit Commission established to provide a mechanism for ongoing public participation in customer experience improvements.

1. Panel Role

1.1 Assist in developing and delivering the TTC’s strategic aims on customer experience.

1.2 Assist in understanding customer priorities.

1.3 Promote dialogue between customers and the TTC.

2. Membership

2.1 The CLP will generally reflect the diversity of TTC customers.

2.2 Membership shall be open to interested users of TTC services (occasional, frequent, or regular customers).

2.3 The CLP shall be composed of no less than 8 and no more than 12 members, exclusive of the TTC members identified in 2.5, with a minimum of 2 youth members, ages 13 to 24 at the time of appointment.

2.4 The number of members will be determined by the number and quality of applications received.

2.5 The TTC members of the CLP are as follows:

a. The Chief Customer Officer or their designate.
b. A member from the TTC’s Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit

2.6 Members shall be appointed for an initial two-year term and may be reappointed, without the requirement to reapply, for an additional two-year term at the discretion of the TTC.

2.7 Members may serve only two terms in sequence but are not restricted from applying after a two-year absence or to fill a vacancy between terms.

2.8 A vacancy may be declared at such time that:

a. A member submits a letter of resignation or is otherwise unable to complete his/her term, and/or
b. A member has been removed for missing more than two meetings within a year without providing reasonable cause acceptable to TTC staff.

Reasonable cause will include but not be limited to: illness or injury for which regards are extended, specialist appointments that cannot be rescheduled, and deaths in the family.

If the member wishes to appeal their removal, a meeting will be arranged between the member and the Chief Customer Officer (or their designate) prior to the next general meeting. A decision will be made to:

• Reinstate the member. Any subsequent missed meetings without reasonable cause will result in the permanent removal of the member.
• Uphold the decision to remove the member.

c. A member is found to be in violation with the terms of reference and/or protocols of the CLP
d. A member is removed by a decision of the Chief Customer Officer.

2.9 Vacancies shall be filled as soon as possible. The new member shall serve for the balance of the term of the member replaced which will not count toward the two-term limit.

3. Selection Process

3.1 The membership selection process shall be undertaken with a membership solicitation through the TTC’s website and/or advertisements placed by the TTC.

For appointments to the CLP, applications shall be reviewed and be evaluated by a selection panel composed of TTC representatives or their designates who shall make the final decisions on all appointments.

3.2 Appointment to CLP requires the following:

1. A commitment to attend, participate and engage in meetings and related activities

2. Details of relevant qualifications
3. A statement of interest that outlines reasons for wanting to serve on the CLP.

a. On confirmation of appointment to the CLP, the member agrees to the following:

i. adhere to the policies and regulations of the Toronto Transit Commission
ii. adhere to the Terms of Reference and meeting procedures of the CLP
iii. acknowledgment and commitment of time requirements to be a member of CLP
iv. participate in an orientation/training session.

4. Quorum and Voting

4.1 Voting

For the most part it is not expected that formal votes will be required. Should the chair, however, move for vote, it will be decided by the following parameters.

a. 50 per cent of the eligible panel members, plus one, constitutes a quorum for the meetings.
b. Each member is entitled to one vote on issues identified for a vote by the Chief Customer Officer or their designate.

4.2 Meetings

a. General panel meetings will be held monthly or at the call of the Chief Customer Officer or their designate.

5. Commission Staffing

5.1 Commission staff shall act as a liaison and resource to the CLP, as mutually agreed upon by the panel and staff to ensure expedient responses to recommendations and areas of concern.

5.2 Clerical support shall be assigned for the purpose of recording and distributing minutes, meeting notices, correspondence, etc.

6. Amendments

Recommendations for amending the Terms of Reference may be made by submission in writing to the Chief Customer Officer by any member of the CLP. Only recommendations approved by a majority vote of the CLP shall be considered by the Chief Customer Officer for adoption.