Overall customer satisfaction declined during 2012

  • 77% in Wave 1 to 72% Wave 4

Some indices demonstrate positive trends in Wave 4, such as:

  • Subway/streetcar vehicle cleanliness
  • Ease of hearing streetcar announcements

Areas of highest customer satisfaction include (+80% Wave 4):

  • Quality of subway announcements at each stop
  • Personal safety while travelling on subway, bus, streetcar
  • Bus operator appearance
  • Ease of hearing announcements on streetcars

Areas of lowest customer satisfaction include (≤55% Wave 4):

  • Level of crowding in subway/bus/streetcar vehicles
  • Helpfulness/clarify of subway announcements about delays
  • Length of time waited for bus/streetcar
  • Maps and information inside bus/streetcar

Approximately 90% of customers perceived ‘value for money’ as average or better