Paper transfers are free and must be obtained when you pay your fare by cash, TTC ticket or token.

Customers can take advantage of the TTC’s two-hour transfer when they pay their fare using a PRESTO card or PRESTO Ticket. A transfer is applied to your PRESTO card or PRESTO Ticket when you first tap on a card reader. It is valid for two-hours.

Customers paying by cash, tickets or tokens, must obtain a paper ticket where they pay their fare i.e. from an operator on bus, streetcar or from a transfer machine at the subway station or on the new low-floor streetcar. Paper transfers are valid at transfer points on the day of issue for a one-way continuous trip, or as otherwise noted on the transfer.

Walking Transfers

In some cases, two routes operate near each other but do not serve the same intersection and do not have any stops in common. In these cases, where specifically identified, customers can use paper transfers to transfer between routes at the walking transfer locations.