We’re introducing a new Metropass design series for 2017. The 2017 pass design builds on our design series from 2016. It carries on our celebration of Toronto landmarks and how the TTC plays a critical role in connecting people to these spaces.

The 'Toronto Motifs' series pays tribute to some of the great architecture in Toronto. Over the next 11 months, 11 different buildings will be showcased on the Metropass along with some of the buildings unique motifs.  Each month, landmark city buildings are featured by detailing three of their architectural motifs patterned in colour across the pass. An image of the building appears in the background.

For example on the January Metropass: 

Metropass from January 2017 featuring Old Toronto City Hall, highlighting blue architectural features.

Photo of clock tower next to a photo of the clocktower with the architectural feature highlighted in blue.

These motifs create a fun scavenger hunt for customers who would like to seek them out on or in the landmark buildings.