Andy Byford - CEO of TTC How the TTC changed 20 years ago this week

Tuesday of this week marked the 20th anniversary of the worst accident in the history of TTC’s subway, which opened in 1954.

On Aug. 11, 1995, three passengers were tragically killed and more than 30 people were injured when a train collided with a stationary train south of St Clair West Station on Line 1. The subsequent Coroner’s Inquest found that human error and a design flaw in a mechanical safety device were the primary causes and 18 recommendations were made to prevent a recurrence.

The TTC has addressed each of these recommendations and has prioritized a “state-of-good-repair” program ever since. 

In simple terms, maintaining the network in a state-of-good-repair means undertaking regular maintenance and investment to ensure that systems, infrastructure and vehicles are in a safe and reliable condition. This includes critical parts of our infrastructure such as track, drainage, signalling and ventilation – assets that never make the news unless they fail, but that must be kept in a good state of repair to ensure safety of our operations.

While high-profile subway expansion projects garner headlines and attention, maintaining a state of good repair in all parts of our network is, and always will be, our No. 1 priority at the TTC. After all, there is no point in building a shiny new extension if the rest of the system is unable to be operated due to unsafe conditions.

Upgrading an existing system is never easy. It’s why we sometimes close sections of the subway on weekends to progressively renew track and signals, and why we need those precious few hours at night when trains aren’t running to undertake maintenance and safety inspections.

It’s all part of modernizing the TTC and keeping you safe.

Eighth new streetcar enters service
New TTC Streetcar

The TTC’s eighth new low-floor streetcar, car number 4409, entered service on Tuesday of this week, just in time for the afternoon rush hour. Car 4409 will operate on the 510 Spadina and 509 Harbourfront routes.

The new streetcar is equipped with PRESTO machines and ticket validators to allow customers to pay their fare. The machines will also allow customers without a smartcard to purchase a single-ride Proof-of-Payment ticket using coins or tokens.

Both the 510 Spadina and the 509 Harbourfront routes are Proof-of-Payment, allowing customers with a transfer or valid TTC pass to board at any door.

The new car joins the other seven accessible low-floor streetcars in service on the 510 Spadina and 509 Harbourfront routes. The new streetcars feature a higher passenger capacity, air conditioning, and are fully accessible for customers using mobility devices.

For more information on the new streetcars, visit Enjoy your ride.

Employee Profile
TTC Collector smiles infront of a TTC collection booth.

Name: Beidemariam Workneh
Position: Station Collector
Years of experience: 17

I grew up in Ethiopia and earned my engineering degree in the Ukraine before immigrating to Canada in 1993. Prior to becoming a station collector six years ago, I began my career with TTC as a streetcar operator. One of the greatest things about working for TTC is that there is always a chance to move around. As an employee, you’re given the flexibility and opportunity to grow. My favourite part of the job is providing excellent customer service. Whether I’m helping people from out of town or simply reassuring regular commuters, in keeping with the TTC’s values of safety and courtesy, my priority has always been to treat customers the way I like to be treated. This is not one man’s job; it’s a network. Our ambition at TTC should always be to serve the people who are employing us – the public.

Thank You Pan Am and Parapan Am Games!

Two TTC Pan Am Ambassadors are smiling enthusiastically. It has been a pleasure for the TTC to be an integral part of the 2015 Toronto Pan Am and Parapan Am Games. Our 1600 Ambassadors had a great time helping everyone get to where they needed to go. Congratulations to all of our athletes for making Canada proud.

TTC e-Alerts

The TTC would like to remind customers that you can receive instant information of any service delays by signing up to receive TTC e-Alerts. With the e-Alert subscription service, TTC customers will receive subway/rt service disruption notifications by email.

Service delay information is also available on the TTC website and on display screens located on subway station platforms. The notification will be sent out if the subway/rt is delayed and shuttle bus service is in operation, which generally includes delays of more than 15 minutes.

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