Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Your TTC ready to welcome the world to the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games

Hello and welcome to the inaugural edition of Connecting Toronto, your weekly window into the TTC.

24hrs is now available inside all TTC subway stations and will be the new home of the TTC’s weekly, full-page feature prepared by and devoted to the TTC each Friday.

Every week, I will update you on how we are progressing with our Five-Year Corporate Plan to modernize the TTC from top to bottom — its infrastructure, processes and culture. We will also showcase a member of the team that helps to keep Toronto moving, and we will provide you with a summary of bus, streetcar and subway performance that week.

Our vision for the TTC is to deliver a transit system that makes Toronto proud. Given years of under-investment, this is a huge challenge, but it is one that we are tackling with vigour so that we give you the level of service that meets the needs of our great city.

With the Opening Ceremonies of the Pan Am Games today, the TTC is ready for the challenge. We have been planning for these Games — and the Parapan Am Games that follow — for several years, and we are determined to deliver reliable and friendly service to Torontonians and visitors alike. Virtually every department of the TTC has been involved to reach this point. Maintenance teams have undertaken proactive work to enable the subway to operate from 6 a.m. on Sundays during the Pan Am Games and to ensure that there are no planned closures or escalators and elevators under planned maintenance throughout the Games period.

Working with the City, emergency services and the Games organizers, our operations team has conducted exercises to ensure that we are trained and ready. Our employees have put off vacation and 1,600 of us will act as Games ambassadors with a mandate to provide visitors with whatever transit assistance they need.

So bring on the Games! The TTC is proud to be playing such a key role in this world-class event.

Take the TTC to Pan Am/Parapan Am events in Toronto
A TTC streetcar, wrapped for the Pan Am Games

The TTC will have added service for the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, which get underway today. As well, more than 1600 TTC employees have signed up as “Ambassadors” to assist customers through the system.

For $11.50 per day, the TTC Group Day Pass lets two adults and four youths (13-19) explore the city all day. Children 12 and under ride for free. Group Day Passes will be available for purchase from July 10 to 26 and again from August 7 to 16.

Here is how you can get to each of the Toronto venues by the TTC.

CIBC Pan Am Park (PAP)
This venue, at Exhibition Place, will be served by four TTC routes from five subway stations:
- 509 HARBOURFRONT streetcars from Union Station
- 511 BATHURST streetcars from Bathurst Station
- 29 DUFFERIN buses from Dufferin and Wilson stations
- 193 EXHIBITION ROCKET non-stop express buses from Dundas West Station

CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House (PAC)
This venue, at U of T Scarborough, will be served by four TTC routes from four TTC and one GO Transit station:
- 38 HIGHLAND CREEK buses from Scarborough Centre Station and Rouge Hill GO station
- 95 YORK MILLS buses from York Mills Station
- 194 AQUATICS CENTRE ROCKET non-stop express buses from Don Mills Station
- 198 U OF T SCARBOROUGH ROCKET express buses from Kennedy Station

CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletics Stadium (YOR )
This venue, at York University, will be served by three TTC routes from four TTC subway stations:
- 60 STEELES WEST buses from Finch station
- 195 JANE ROCKET express buses from Jane Station
- 196 YORK UNIVERSITY ROCKET express buses from Sheppard-Yonge and Downsview stations

Varsity Stadium (VAR)
This venue is within walking distance of St George Station.

Pan Am/Parapan Am Fields (PAF)
This venue, on the U of T St George campus, is within walking distance of Queen’s Park Station.

Ryerson Athletic Centre (RYA)
This venue is within walking distance of College Station. For customers requiring accessible service from the subway, the 406 VENUE SHUTTLE DOWNTOWN route will provide accessible bus service from St George and Queen’s Park stations.

For more information about the Pan Am/Parapan Games, please visit:

Employee Profile
Fern Taillefer, Information Planning Security Officer

Name: Fern Taillefer
Position: Information Planning Security Officer
Years of experience: 18

I’ve always had an interest working in high profile environments. As an Air Marshal in the military for 22 years, I had the privilege of supervising various dignitaries. I decided to join the TTC because it was a work environment that involved my interest of security and I was able to start a family.

I’ve worked in different positions in the security department, starting as a Special Constable and then transferring to a Staff Sargent.

I am excited to represent my country and the TTC as a torch bearer in the relay for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games!


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