Andy Byford - CEO of TTC TTC budget proposes increased services for more riders

Earlier this week, the TTC Board Budget Committee met to debate the proposed 2016 TTC Operating and Capital Budgets, including a range of fare options and service improvements that my team has worked on throughout the summer.

Our objective was to propose an operating budget that offers material improvements to your service, accommodates further predicted ridership growth and minimizes additional cost so as to limit any fare rise and/ or subsidy ask to as low a figure as possible.

On the capital side, we highlighted the ongoing deficit between what we need to finish off our work of modernizing the TTC and the available funding over the next 10-year period — there’s a gap of around $2.7 billion.

We came up with a package of proposals for Board subcommittee members to discuss, including a way to open the subway an hour earlier on Sundays (from 8 a.m., as supported by the Mayor), additional streetcar and bus service to serve ever-growing ridership and a range of fare scenarios to meet the associated increased costs.

The committee broadly supported our proposals and these will now go forward to the full Board and Council to debate. Crucially, Council will determine the level of subsidy that we will receive and I hope this will recognize the benefit that effective transit brings to the city.

Ideally, we would not seek any fare rise, but with additional service comes additional costs. The higher the support we receive through general taxation, the less we will need to find through the farebox.

Since the day I came into this job, I have called for affordable, sustainable increases to TTC funding. It was good, therefore, to receive committee support for our draft budget – in addition to the record budget increase that we secured for 2015.

By improving service, focusing on the basics of service delivery and driving up customer satisfaction, the case for transit funding becomes evermore compelling. We will continue to advocate on your behalf.

Take the TTC to welcome Santa back to Toronto
Use the TTC E-ticketing app on your mobile device.Santa gets ready for the parade.

The TTC is the best way to get to this Sunday’s annual Santa Claus Parade. To watch the parade, you can exit at Christie, Bathurst, Spadina and St George stations on Line 2, or Museum, Queen’s Park, St Patrick, Osgoode, St Andrew and King stations on Line 1.

During the parade, the 501 Queen, 504 King, 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton streetcars will experience delays, while the 5 Avenue Rd, 6 Bay, 7 Bathurst, 26 Dupont, 63 Ossington, 75 Sherbourne, 94 Wellesley, 126 Christie, 127 Davenport, 161 Rogers Road,172 Cherry Street and 300 Bloor-Danforth will be required to divert.

Get your Group pass early. You can buy and use the Group Pass as an E-Ticket through the TTCconnect app on your iOS or Android device. The Group Pass is also available at all TTC Collector Booths.

Remembrance Day
Remembrace Day ceremony.

On Remembrance Day, TTC CEO Andy Byford and Phil Horgan, ATU Local 113 Executive Board Member for Maintenance-Garages (who served as a reservist in Afghanistan) laid a wreath on behalf of all TTC employees and pensioners at the Old City Hall Cenotaph.

Employee Profile
Jim Forrester, Rail Vehicle Analyzer.

Name: Jim Forrester
Position: Rail Vehicle Analyzer
Years of service: 31

I’ve been a rail vehicle analyzer since I started with the TTC 31 years ago. I love this job because it’s different every day; not just the problems on the Scarborough RT cars, but also the people I will be working with. I also enjoy opportunities to help customers since they are the people we serve in the end every single day.

Slow travel near Christie Station

Track work around Christie Station this week caused slower than normal travel times for our customers. The switches, which are an important part of the safe operation of our system, are being renewed. Travel times should improve this coming week as the work progresses. Thank you for your patience as we complete this very important work.

Portion of Line 1 closed on Saturday

Tomorrow, there will be no subway service on a portion of Line 1 between St George and St Clair West stations only as the TTC undertakes track repair work, part of the our commitment to modernization.

Frequent shuttle buses will operate between St George and St Clair West stations. Wheel-Trans buses will be available to accommodate customers who need them.

All stations will remain open for the sale of fares.

Normal subway service will resume on Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

Upcoming closures:
- Nov. 21-22 St George to Keele
- Dec. 5-6 St George to Keele

Weekly Customer Service Report

Weekly Customer Service Report

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