Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Survey says: TTC improvements are showing!

At this week’s meeting of the TTC Board, I was proud to hear staff present the results of our Customer Satisfaction Survey for the second quarter of 2015.

The survey takes feedback on all aspects of TTC service from 1,000 regular TTC riders each quarter. The aggregated score gives us a good insight into overall customer satisfaction, as well as the drivers behind any significant movement in scores – up or down.

Scores are analyzed to identify and prioritize critical areas for improvement. As such, the survey is an invaluable tool in our journey to becoming a transit service that makes Toronto proud.

The latest survey looked at April to June and resulted in a score of 79 per cent of respondents declaring the overall service to be “good” or “excellent,” up from 72 per cent compared to the same time last year. We have only achieved a score of 79 per cent once before and that was before many of our improvement initiatives had time to take hold. It’s also noteworthy to mention that this score predates our highly successful Pan Am/Parapan Am Games service.

What is particularly gratifying is that the analysis shows that, not only is customer satisfaction higher across all modes (bus, streetcar and subway), the increased scores are directly correlated to areas where we have invested significant effort and attention to detail.

Line 1 has seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction, driven by a 26-per-cent reduction in daily delay minutes and a 13-per-cent reduction in the number of incidents. Satisfaction about the cleanliness of the system has also improved as has satisfaction with core reliability on our surface routes where we have made huge efforts to reduce the number of short turns and gaps between vehicles.

Early analysis of third quarter (July-September) survey results show higher scores still – and these scores predate the introduction of additional service in September as part of Council’s record investment in transit service.

I always said it would take time to get the TTC back to being the best transit service in North America. These results suggest that we are on the right track.

All night subway service for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Art installation at TTC Dufferin Station

Tomorrow night will be lit up into Sunday morning as Toronto celebrates the 10th year of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. And once again, the TTC is adding extra service to make it easier for revellers to reach all Nuit Blanche locations.

For the very first time, both Line 1 and Line 2 will operate all night long, Line 1 from Finch to Downsview and Line 2 from Kennedy to Kipling. Lines 3 and 4 will operate on a normal schedule. Extra streetcars and buses will be added to many routes, and the 501/301 Queen, 75 Sherbourne, 5 Avenue Rd, 6 Bay and 94 Wellesley will be on diversion.

The TTC is also part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche this year. Internationally acclaimed artist JR will feature his art, Inside Out, at Dufferin and Coxwell stations. Breaking down generational, socioeconomic and racial barriers, Inside Out has become a social phenomenon that over 250,000 people from more than 120 countries have participated in worldwide.

Take advantage of the Special Event Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Day Pass that provides unlimited travel for just $11.50 starting on Saturday, October 3, until 9 a.m. on Sunday, October 4. The pass is good for a group of up to six people, maximum two adults over 19. The pass is on sale at all TTC collector booths. Customers can also buy an E-Ticket, using their iOS or Android device.

Free all-night parking is available at most TTC commuter parking lots.

Employee Profile
Andreas Ioannou, Bus Operator

Name: Andreas Ioannou
Position: Bus Operator, Malvern
Years of service: 33

I’ve seen a lot throughout my 33 years with the TTC. As front-line employees, operators meet unique challenges every day.

I’ve found our customers’ attitude is often dictated by our attitude to and treatment toward them. I’ve had customers tell me they’ve let two or three buses pass them in the morning just to wait for my bus.

It makes me feel great to see the attitude I approach my job with reflected back to me through the people I serve.

We all have our bad days, but I find it takes a lot less energy to be in a good mood.

Bike repair stands now at 10 subway stations

TTC bike repair station at Davisville

Need to do a simple bike repair, tighten a nut or fill a tire with air while riding to a TTC subway station?

The TTC now has bicycle repair facilities at 10 subway stations. TTC Chair Josh Colle showed off the new equipment earlier this week at Davisville Station.

Part of the TTC’s third quarter Customer Charter commitment, the bike repair stations are equipped with wrenches, Allen keys, screwdrivers, air pump and wheel chock.

Bike repair stops are located at Bathurst, Davisville, Downsview, Dupont, Finch, Kennedy, Keele, Kipling, Pape and Spadina stations.

Over the next several months, the TTC will gauge rider feedback before installing more repair stands at subway stations across the city.

Become a member of ACAT

The TTC’s Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT) is looking for members of the public to serve on the committee for a three-year term. ACAT advises TTC staff and the Board and represents the needs and concerns of people with disabilities and seniors who use the TTC.

Mandatory info sessions will be held next week at Toronto City Hall, Committee Room 2:

• Thursday, October 8 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
• Friday, October 9 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

For more info on ACAT, visit

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Weekly Customer Service Report

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