Andy Byford - CEO of TTC A salute to TTC operators from one of our own

Last weekend, I was honoured to attend an event at Spadina Station to mark the launch of a book by a TTC route supervisor, Richard Lee.

Richard wrote a book that describes, first-hand, the challenges faced by operators in what can be a challenging environment: operating a bus or streetcar in a busy urban environment. Drawing on his own experiences and those of his many TTC colleagues, Richard’s story reflects the less well-documented side of transit operations, including the risk of assault, the pressures operators face in ever-worsening traffic, and the underlying professionalism of TTC employees who work hard to do a good job.

Richard Lee with his mom and Andy Byford at Lee's book launch Sunday.    Richard Lee's book.

It is a sad fact that almost every day, a TTC employee is assaulted in the course of their duties. TTC employees get spat upon, punched and threatened while merely doing their jobs of safely getting customers A to B. The TTC takes a hard line on such incidents, working with the courts to seek stiff penalties against anyone convicted of assaulting a TTC employee.

We are putting huge efforts into improving every aspect of what we do, including focusing on such basics as punctuality, cleanliness, and the provision of useful and timely information. We are also working hard on changing the culture at the TTC so that you feel valued as a customer and so that every interaction with the TTC is consistently excellent. But there is no excuse for assaulting or threatening anyone, anywhere.

Our most recent customer satisfaction survey scores indicate that you are beginning to notice a difference in how we are delivering transit services to you. We are asking our frontline employees to up their game just as I expect my management and supervisory team to do better.

As we work to transform the TTC, our relationship with our customers grows ever more important. When you next ride the TTC, please thank the operator for good service. It means so much to our employees to know that they are appreciated and it motivates us all to accelerate our efforts to excel.

501 Queen streetcar to divert this weekend

This weekend, the 501/301 Queen streetcar will divert as TTC work crews replace streetcar rails at the streetcar stops on Queen St. E. at Jones Ave.

The 501/301 Queen streetcar will divert via Broadview Ave., Gerrard St. and Cowell Ave.

A replacement bus service will be provided along Queen St. E.

Regular service resumes on Monday morning at 5 a.m.

Employee Profile
Lisa DiLena, Harvey Shop Services Clerk

Name: Lisa DiLena
Position: Harvey Shop Services Clerk
Years of experience: 17

I started my career with the TTC 17 years ago and have been fortunate to work in many departments. I now work as a Services Clerk at Harvey Shop; I enjoy helping suppliers, visitors and all other TTC employees coming by the production office.

My proudest moment working for the TTC was during an Ambassador shift for this summer’s Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. I loved interacting with the public and I felt a unique sense of pride in representing the TTC. The response from customers was very positive; one elderly lady was particularly complimentary and told me how pleased she was to see the TTC helping visitors and locals around the city. The smile on her face and hearing her tell us how good a job we were doing was unforgettable.

Customer satisfaction hits 81%

Customer Service Report

Results are in for the third quarter TTC Customer Satisfaction Survey, and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high — 81% — due in part to the TTC’s excellent performance during this summer’s Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

During the games, 1,800 TTC employees served as ambassadors throughout the system, helping visitors and customers alike get around the city, as well as to and from venues.

Track work on portion of Line 2 this weekend

A maintenance crew works on the tracks.

This weekend, Oct. 24-25, there will be no subway service between St George and Keele stations on Line 2 as the TTC conducts state-of-good-repair work, including replacing track switches near Ossington and Christie stations.

All stations will remain open for the sale of fare media. A frequent replacement bus service will operate along Bloor St. between St George and Keele stations.

Wheel-Trans vehicles will be available for customers who require accessible transit. Customers can speak with any uniformed TTC employee at any station to make use of this service.

The TTC appreciates the public’s patience and understanding during these closures.

Regular subway service will resume on Monday morning at 6 a.m.

Weekly Customer Service Report

Weekly Customer Service Report

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