Andy Byford - CEO of TTC New TTC streetcars must arrive sooner

Monday’s (April 25) announcement by Bombardier that there has been a further delay in delivery of our new streetcar fleet was hugely disappointing.

 As recently as last month, Bombardier promised a ramp-up in delivery to four vehicles per month from April. Since that time, Bombardier has replaced their North America CEO. The replacement CEO, whom I met in a tense meeting at TTC headquarters last week, has concluded that, for now, the best that can be achieved by the end of 2016 is a total of only 16 new cars, giving us just 30 in service — woefully short of the previous total — and that was already a reduction on promises made last year.

While I welcome the new realism coming from Bombardier’s top officials, I made it quite clear that I considered this total to be no more than a worst case scenario, and that I expect positive action to be taken to improve on that figure.

New streetcar and CLRV Streetcar

In response, Bombardier has committed to adding capacity to its manufacturing process and to catch up on lost deliveries. An updated delivery schedule is due within two weeks. They also maintain that they will stick to the original end date for the full fleet of 204 cars to be delivered by the end of 2019.

My immediate focus is threefold: First, to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible service on routes that should have converted to the new vehicles by now. We are refurbishing old streetcars and adding buses to maintain service while we wait for new cars to arrive.

Second, to capture and pass these additional costs on to Bombardier, given the delays that this contract has suffered.

And, finally, to continue to press Bombardier for increasingly better performance so that we receive the accessible, air-conditioned vehicles that Toronto badly needs and that you fully deserve.

This week’s service advisories

The portion of Line 2 (Bloor- Danforth) between Pape and St George stations will close at 11 p.m. this Saturday night, as TTC Crews replace a track beam on the Prince Edward (Bloor) Viaduct. Shuttle buses will operate and service will resume Sunday morning at 8 a.m.

6 Bay/26 Dupont Diversion

The following bus routes are diverting until May 23 as the City of Toronto completes watermain work at the intersection of Bedford Rd. and Dupont St.:

6 Bay is diverting via Davenport Rd., Dupont St., and Avenue Rd.

26 Dupont is diverting via Dupont St., St George St., and Prince Arthur Ave.

For more information on upcoming closures and diversions, visit the Service Advisories page

In Review: Last Weekend’s Closure
Track Work

Here are some highlights of what we accomplished during last week’s subway closure between Victoria Park and Kennedy stations:

Track Work

  • Installation of 1,332 ft. of rail
  • ROW cleaning at Warden Station track crossover and Kennedy Station crossover
  • Completion of other track work, including track tie replacement

Electrical and Signal Work

  • Inspection and repair of heaters from Victoria Park to Kennedy stations
  • Installation of three new heaters at Warden Station crossover
  • Preventative maintenance of DC power supply from Warden to Kennedy stations


  • Snaking of drains for plumbing at Massey Creek (between Kennedy and Warden)
  • Replacing approximately 2,000 ft. of barbed wire fencing in open-cut areas
GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon
TTC Employees at GoodLife Toronto Marathon

Good luck to everyone, including TTC employees, participating in this Sunday’s GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon. To accommodate the races, the following routes will divert:

  • 6 Bay
  • 26 Dupont
  • 127 Davenport
  • 65 Parliament
  • 75 Sherbourne
  • 172 Cherry Street
  • 97 Yonge
  • 66B Prince Edward
  • 504 King
  • 511 Bathurst
Employee Profile
Calvin Soderberg - Route Supervisor

Name: Calvin Soderberg
Position: Route Supervisor - Bus Transportation
Years of service: 9

My main priority right now is completing route assessments; we are riding 12 routes over 11 months to determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed to improve timing and efficiency on specific bus routes. Having gone from Operator to Route Supervisor, I feel that I have to be accountable for the customer experience; doing these assessments is a big part of that. Working in this role and travelling around the city as much as I do in uniform, if a customer asks a question, I have to either know the answer or find an answer right away. I love people, so my peers and the customers I interact with every day keep me focused on providing the best service for the people of Toronto.


There are no major disruptions at this time.


POP All-door boarding is now available on all TTC streetcar lines 24 hours a day, seven days a week with proof-of-payment.

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