Andy Byford - CEO of TTC New Customer Charter commits to ongoing improvements on your TTC

Three years ago, we launched the inaugural TTC Customer Charter, our public promise to deliver ongoing improvement to your service.

The Customer Charter tracks specific initiatives that we are working on in addition to getting you from A to B. It enables you to hold us accountable if promises are not met, and it is designed to demonstrate our commitment and determination to enhance TTC service through incremental improvements — recognizing that more fundamental upgrades like replacing track and signals will take longer to achieve.

Earlier this week, we unveiled our 2016 promises. Like its three predecessors, the 2016 Charter contains a list of time-bound improvements that we will make, 35 in total for this year alone, in areas that customers have told us are important. These include initiatives across all five of our modes that address issues such as the punctuality and reliability of service, the cleanliness and ease of use of the system and the provision of timely, useful information.

While some initiatives are new for this year, such as the rollout of new fare gates to support our new PRESTO smartcard, others build on what we have already delivered in our last three Charters — the various “mega projects” that we are working on and our ongoing, relentless focus on the basics that must be got right to deliver quality transit service. You can expect to see more new streetcars, more express bus services, additional customer information screens, fewer short turns on bus and streetcar routes, fewer subway delays and better signage at transit stops — to name just six of our promises.

The full list of this year’s Charter offer can be found at Every quarter, we will publicly report on our progress, in line with a further, ongoing promise: to be a modern, transparent and accountable organization that makes you proud.

2016 Customer Charter

This week, the TTC unveiled its fourth Customer Charter. The 2016 Charter contains 35 time-bound commitments that include increased accessibility and improved service reliability and customer service. The TTC tracks these commitments, holding ourselves to account if pledges are not met.

2016 charter commitments include:

January – March 2016

  • Earlier Sunday subway service, starting at 8 a.m. (met)
  • 510 Spadina route fully serviced by new streetcars

April – June 2016

  • WiFi available at 22 new stations
  • Improved bike parking at five subway stations

July – September 2016

  • Improved travel time during the morning peak by increasing train frequency by three trains on Line 1
  • Introduction of new streetcar service on Cherry Street to the West Donlands, to serve a growing new neighbourhood

October – December 2016

  • Entire TTC system PRESTO-enabled
  • New, more informative, redesigned stop markers at over 3000 transit stops

For a full list of 2016 Customer Charter commitments, and to check progress on previous commitments, click here

TTC Celebrates #ToqueTuesday with NHL’s Doug Gilmour
Doug Gilmour and Chair Josh Colle On Tuesday February 2, TTC Chair Josh Colle joined NHL legend Doug Gilmour for Raising the Roof’s 19th annual Toque Tuesday. Hundreds of volunteers sell toques across the country each year on Toque Tuesday to raise funds for support programs for individuals experiencing homelessness. The TTC has been a proud supporter of this campaign since 1998.
Employee Profile
Michael Stafrace - Customer Service Rep

Name: Michael Stafrace
Position: Customer Service Representative - Lost Articles
Years of service: 8

This job allows me to see a different perspective of customers’ lives in the city through their lost things. I love working here because I enjoy working with people and having to think on my feet to adapt to customers’ needs whether they are new to the city, or have been here for several years.

When all is said and done, it’s so rewarding to see people’s reactions to getting their belongings back. Sometimes I don’t realize the sentimental value of something simple like a hat or mittens that someone’s grandmother knitted for them. Putting a smile on people’s faces is what I’m here for — as long as someone is looking for their lost item, I’m here to help them find it.


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Did you know?

Subway trains are cleaned after every complete run though the system to give you a cleaner and more comfortable trip. TTC work crews are dispatched to clean at Finch, Kennedy, McCowan and Sheppard Stations.

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