Andy Byford - CEO of TTC POP goes the TTC!

The introduction of all-door boarding across our streetcar network for customers holding valid proof of payment (POP) is just one of a number of initiatives we are rolling out to improve the reliability of your TTC service.

On average, time spent servicing stops accounts for around 20% of the overall time it takes to get from one end of a route to the other. By permitting customers with POP to board a streetcar at any door, the time spent at stops is substantially reduced. Proof of payment includes a valid transfer, a Metropass or a PRESTO card that has been tapped onto one of the readers that have now been fitted to all streetcars.

By the end of this year, all TTC stations and buses will have PRESTO, after which we will begin to phase out tokens, tickets, paper transfers and Metropasses. Until then, it is very important that PRESTO customers whose journey involves a transfer to a bus collect a transfer.

To help you through this transition period, we have produced a video that explains how POP and PRESTO work and what you need to do. Go to the TTC’s YouTube channel ( to view it.

My team and I are here to help you as we work to transform the TTC into a transit system that makes Toronto proud.


There are no new subway cars on Line 2. Why?

— Sylvia

Answer: Thanks for your question, Sylvia.

The Toronto Rocket (TR) subway train is a state-of-the-art, open concept train that carries about 10% more passengers than trains on Line 2. The TTC’s Line 1 is the busiest subway line in Toronto and needs the added capacity the TR trains provide. The new trains are also equipped with Automatic Train Control technology. When the resignalling of Line 1 is complete, the TTC will further increase the number of trains it operates on Line 1, adding capacity and reducing wait times and crowding. The trains currently operating on Line 2 are excellent trains with another 10-15 years of life left in them.

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PRESTO continues to expand
PRESTO - Now you can tap on streetcars

As we continue to roll out PRESTO across the TTC, there are many changes coming that will affect the way you purchase fares, and ride the TTC.

This past December, we equipped our entire streetcar network with PRESTO, and by the end of 2016, the TTC will be fully PRESTO-enabled. For now, PRESTO is available on all streetcars and at 26 subway stations, including all stations that intersect with streetcar routes. For a full list of PRESTO-enabled stations, visit

You can purchase a PRESTO card online at, by phone at 1-877-378-6123, TTY #711 or 1-800-855-0511, in person at TTC’s Customer Service Centre at Davisville Station, and at Queen’s Park and Union stations, or at Gateway kiosks in Bathurst, Spadina, Broadview, Bloor-Yonge and Dundas subway stations.

Have questions about PRESTO? Watch a new video on the official TTC YouTube Channel at

Did you know?
Toronto Fire Services Toronto Fire Services conducts safety drills at TTC stations throughout the year. The drills ensure that in the case of a fire emergency, Toronto Fire Services can provide efficient and effective emergency response to keep the city and TTC customers moving safely.
The next sessions are at Dundas Station on January 24 and 31, and on February 7. All sessions will take place between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.
During the training sessions, Toronto Fire and TTC vehicles will be parked at street level, and simulated smoke will be used.
Employee Profile
Flobell Asaba Ndesan

Name: Flobell Asada Ndesan
Position: Station Supervisor - Yonge North
Years of service: 7

I joined the TTC in 2009, starting as a subway train Operator at Wilson Division. I have been very fortunate to work in many departments during my time with the TTC. Today our stations are even cleaner and safer than when I started seven years ago. The wonderful smile I put in the face of each and every customer is worth more than a million dollars to me.

I am privileged to be part of the frontline leadership team that is moving the TTC towards the realization of its mission “to provide a reliable, efficient and integrated bus, streetcar and subway system that draws its high standards of customer care from our rich traditions of safety, service and courtesy.” I strongly value every opportunity the TTC has provided me with, and am looking forward to many more years, as we improve our culture and modernize our system. Outside of work I enjoy travelling and experiencing other major transit systems around the world.

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