Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Delivering TTC improvements requires a customer-led attitude Modernization of the TTC is a huge challenge that requires co-ordinated activity across hundreds of initiatives.

Put simply, we are working our way through a Five-Year Plan that will deliver radical improvement in three key ways:

1. Renewal of the underlying infrastructure of the TTC, including the purchase of new vehicles, such as streetcars and articulated buses, to carry more people, more efficiently. Key assets, such as track and signals, are being renewed and we are rolling out the PRESTO fare card to transform the way you use and pay for travel.

2. Transforming the culture of the TTC by moving from a process-led organization to one that is built around delivery of consistently excellent customer service. To achieve this, we are putting a lot of focus into getting the best from our people, giving them the tools and encouragement to excel at what they do.

 3. Finally, a mini-revolution is underway in changing the way we do things. For too long, our processes have held us back, largely because the various systems that we rely on to run the TTC (i.e. our systems that provide you with service information) have not been updated for decades. So here again, major change is underway.

The end result will be a more efficient, customer-led and dynamic TTC that can meet rising customer demand and expectations.

We report publicly on progress against this plan through the TTC Board each month. My CEO Report, and a myriad of other information, can be accessed via our website at

Being transparent and keeping you apprised of how we are performing as your transit provider is a priority and a key principle in our journey to becoming truly customer-led.

TTC helping to remove stigma around mental health
Crisis Link

Wednesday Jan. 27 was Bell’s annual Let’s Talk Day, which aims to remove stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging people to talk openly about it. Since 2011, the TTC has worked with Distress Centres and Bell Canada on Crisis Link, a unique program providing support for anyone using the subway who is contemplating suicide.

Crisis Link connects callers to a trained counsellor, who will contact the TTC in high-risk situations to ensure the caller remains safe.

Pay phones with blue Crisis Link buttons are located on every subway platform.

Employee Profile
Sharonlynn Villaverde

Name: Sharonlynn Villaverde
Position: Crowd Control, Bloor/Yonge Station
Years of service: 2

The best part of my job is helping customers get from A to B safely, and the interactions I get to have with our daily customers. I love greeting the customers who wave and say hello when they are passing through the station in the mornings.

The workforce in this organization is so diverse and there is so much to offer to employees, so someone like me who used to be a bus operator can try a lot of different types of jobs. At the TTC, you can find a position that works best for you.

There are no major disruptions at this time.

Did you know?

If you drop something on the subway tracks, you can let our station collectors or supervisors know and someone will be dispatched to retrieve it for you. For your safety, do not attempt to retrieve an object at track level on your own.

Get around using our New Ride Guide mini!

Ride Guide Mini The new Ride Guide Mini is coming soon to help you plan your trip and get around on the TTC. Look for one at a subway station near you!

506/306 and 505 streetcar service adjustments this weekend

This weekend, both the 506/306 Carlton and the 505 Dundas streetcar routes will divert for TTC work, as follows:

506/306 Carlton
As TTC work crews conduct concrete repairs on Coxwell Ave. north of Gerrard St. E., the 506/306 Carlton will stop westbound at Coxwell Ave. A shuttle bus service will be provided between Coxwell Ave. and Main Street Station.

Regular service resumes on Monday morning at 5 a.m.

505 Dundas
On Friday and Saturday nights this weekend, the 505 Dundas streetcar will divert between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. each day, using College and Carlton Sts. between Bay and Church Sts. This diversion is necessary to accommodate overhead wire work. A shuttle bus service will be provided along Dundas St. during the diversion.

Please note that shuttle buses operating on streetcar routes will open all doors for boarding with proof-of-payment. As buses are not yet equipped with PRESTO devices, PRESTO users will need to pay with cash or tokens and take a transfer as proof-of-payment.

Weekly Customer Service Report

Weekly Customer Service Report

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