Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Maintaining the TTC amid expansion, new vehicles

Our work to modernize the TTC continues apace with good progress being made on the rollout of the new PRESTO smart card, construction of the Spadina subway extension, modernization of our fleet and installation of a new signalling system on Line 1 (Yonge- University).

This year will see PRESTO rolled out at the remainder of our subway stations, on the entire TTC bus fleet and on Wheel-Trans buses. PRESTO users will find that this really is the easy and convenient way to pay as line-ups become a thing of the past and tokens, transfers and tickets are confined to TTC history.

We are also replacing turnstiles in our subway stations with bi-directional, paddle-style gates that will open at the touch of a PRESTO card, and that will accommodate wheelchair users.

Construction of the subway extension up to Vaughan in York Region has reached the 80% mark and it won’t be long before the six new stations are structurally complete and we can move to the testing and commissioning phase of the project.

Installation of our new signalling system on Line 1 continues to progress towards a phased introduction from the fall of next year, enabled in large measure by the work we are able to get done in our rolling program of weekend subway closures.

On streetcars, we now have 16 new, low-floor, air-conditioned vehicles in service with accelerated delivery promised by our supplier, Bombardier, from next month.
In the midst of all this activity, it is critical that we keep the existing network and fleet in a state of good repair – and that we drive up basic performance using the assets that we have inherited. This is no mean feat, as decades of under-investment and deferred decisions have bequeathed track and signals that are, in parts, 60 years old; streetcars that are basically worn out; and a Scarborough Rapid Transit system (Line 3) that requires urgent replacement.

Plans to address all these issues are well in-hand, but in the meantime, I salute the men and women of the TTC that keep the least subsidised transit system in North America going, day in and day out.

Upcoming service alerts
Track Work

Line 1

This weekend, March 19-20, Line 1 will be closed from St George to Lawrence West stations while we conduct subway signal and maintenance work.
Shuttle buses will run, stopping only at subway stations along the route. However, due to Metrolinx work at Eglinton West Station, shuttle buses will not enter that station, stopping instead at Bathurst St. and Eglinton Ave. W. Shuttle buses will also not enter St Clair West Station, stopping instead at Bathurst St. and St Clair Ave. W.

Eglinton West and Glencairn stations will be closed. All other stations will remain open.

Regular service resumes Mon., March 7 at 6 a.m.


504 King

From March 29 to April 22, TTC and City of Toronto crews will conducting track replacement work at the intersections of King and Charlotte Sts. and at Adelaide and Charlotte Sts., resulting in the following route diversions from March 29 - April 10 only:

  • 504/304 King divert via  King, York, Queen, Spadina and King. Eastbound streetcars will be diverted via King, Spadina, Queen, Church and King.
  • 504/304 shuttle buses will  operate during rush hour and overnight both ways on King Street between Church St. and Strachan Ave.

The 504 King Streetcar will resume regular service at 5 a.m. on April 11.

Shuttle buses operating on streetcar routes will open all doors for boarding with proof-of-payment. As buses are not yet equipped with PRESTO devices, PRESTO users will need to pay with cash, tickets or tokens and take a transfer as proof-of-payment. 

Important Reminder: Post-Secondary Metropass

The Post-Secondary Metropass is for use ONLY by students who are:

  • Enrolled in a full-time degree or diploma program in a recognized Post-Secondary institution located within the City of Toronto.
  • Enrolled as a full-time student at Private Career College (registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005) located within the City of Toronto.

Students must carry their TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID when using their monthly Post-Secondary Metropass and present it upon request by TTC staff.

Employee Profile
John Tran

Name: John Tran
Position: Senior Construction/Service Contract Inspector
Years of service: 6

Since joining the TTC in 2009 I have had the privilege to work with incredible people. I first started as a Surveyor to lay out streetcar tracks and moved my way to the Construction Coordinator position to assist with building the Union Station Second Platform. I am now the Senior Construction/ Service Contract Inspector with Plant Maintenance where I manage service contracts related to waste management in order to sustain daily operations. As the TTC continues to develop Green Initiatives, and as Toronto becomes more environmentally conscious, it is in our responsibility to maintain Green Roofs alongside Storm Water Management Ponds. I am very proud to be a part of a team that shares this vision.

There are no major disruptions at this time.


POP  All-door boarding is now available on all TTC streetcar lines 24 hours a day, seven days a week with proof-of-payment.

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