Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Shout-out to TTC employees who go above and beyond for you

Working in the customer service sector, under constant scrutiny, presents quite the challenge for TTC employees as we strive to put right decades of underinvestment in our transit system and get the TTC back to being world class.

Torontonians rightly expect transit to be reliable, punctual and clean, and for those charged with delivering it, to be helpful, polite and proactive.

Our five-year TTC modernization plan will deliver service that is not only more reliable, but one that makes you feel valued as a customer. In addition to the work we are doing to renew vehicles, track, signals and back-office processes, a lot of effort is being made to change the look and feel of our service – something that is largely influenced by the people that work for us.

To deliver consistently excellent service, it is essential that the frontline staff who have most contact with customers know what is going on and what they need to do to address customer needs. They need, in turn, to feel valued by their managers for a job well done.

For these reasons, we are putting real focus into changing the way we manage so that our employees feel motivated to excel. Today (Oct. 21), the TTC celebrates colleagues that have gone above and beyond in the cause of customer service, safety, leadership, teamwork and innovation. Theirs
are often the stories that go unnoticed, so we want to recognize the many acts of kindness
and excellence that are delivered every day by our employees.

I salute those that stand out who strive to give you better service every day in the face of many challenges.

IN REVIEW: What we accomplished last weekend
Workers on the subway track

Last weekend, while Line 1 was closed between St George and Lawrence West stations, TTC crews were able to complete the following work on our new Automatic Train Control (ATC) system:

• Installation of 4.3 km of cable
• Installation of 100 m of cable tray
• Completion of five antenna assembly installations
• Completed work on seven switch junction boxes

When installation is complete in 2019, ATC will result in a more modern and reliable signal system that will allow for a 25% increase in the number of trains operating on Line 1.

For more information on subway closured, please visit the Scheduled Subway Closures page, or view the “TTC weekend subway closures” video.

Service Alerts

Line 1 Yonge-University

This weekend, Line 1 Yonge-University will be closed between Finch and Lawrence stations as TTC crews conduct track and maintenance work.

Shuttle buses will run frequently throughout the weekend, stopping only at subway stations along the route.

Wheel-Trans will operate between Finch and Eglinton Stations for customers who need it. Simply speak with any TTC staff at these stations to request the service.

PRESTO is not yet available on all shuttle buses.

Customers should carry tokens, tickets or cash in case the bus that arrives is not yet PRESTO - equipped.

Regular subway service resumes Monday at 6 a.m.

Harbourfront Tunnel Emergency Simulation

Sunday morning, from 2 to 8 a.m., the TTC, Toronto Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services will conduct an emergency simulation in the Harbourfront streetcar tunnel between Union Station and Queens Quay/Ferry Docks Station. The exercise will simulate emergency evacuation of streetcars in the tunnel, and will include use of stage smoke.

During this event, the 510/317 Spadina streetcar will turn back north at the Queens Quay/Spadina Loop and the 509 Harbourfront service will be replaced by shuttle buses.

Employee Profile
Wayne Ferrera, Operator

Name: Wayne Ferreira
Position: Operator
Years of service: 40

I started with the TTC as an Operator in 1976. I was among a group hired at that time to provide extra service to the CNE. I decided to become an operator with the TTC because I had just completed school where I studied automotive technology, and it seemed like a perfect place to work since it combined my degree and my passion for anything automotive.

Joining the TTC was like being a child with a new toy; I wanted to learn how to operate all the vehicles the TTC had to offer. After 40 years here, the passion has never left me. I still enjoy getting behind the wheel of a bus. I like getting customers from point A to point B as comfortably and smoothly as possible and I never allow my personal needs to overshadow the need to provide good customer service. The day I have to stop driving will be a hard one for me.

There are no major disruptions at this time.

Accessibility Tip

Bus with ramp deployed

Mind the Ramp! Stand back while ramp is being lowered on buses and accessible streetcars.

PRESTO available at 42 subway stations and on 122 bus routes

The PRESTO rollout on the TTC continues. Forty-two subway stations and 122 bus routes now have PRESTO. During the transition you should carry tokens, tickets or cash in case the bus that arrives or the station entrance you use doesn’t have PRESTO yet. Six subway station automatic entrances are accessible via PRESTO card or TTC passes only. If you do not have a PRESTO card or TTC pass, you must use another entrance at those stations. By the end of 2016, all buses, including Wheel-Trans vehicles and at least one entrance at all subway stations will have PRESTO. In 2017 the remaining station entrances and sedan taxis will have PRESTO available.

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