Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Customer satisfaction at 80%: TTC survey

At this week’s meeting of the TTC Board (Sept. 28), it was good to be able to report a sustained increase in customer satisfaction, as measured through our quarterly Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The TTC surveys to gather feedback from regular and infrequent TTC riders every three months. It provides us with invaluable data across subway, bus and streetcar (with a separate survey for
Wheel-Trans), allowing us to evaluate the effectiveness of changes we have made and to identify those areas that customers still need us to improve.

Over the last two years, we have reduced the number of subway delays by 10% and the duration of those delays by 35%. On buses and streetcars, we have halved the number of times buses have been short-turned and cut streetcar short-turns to onefifth of their 2014 total. What is particularly pleasing is that customer satisfaction shows sustained improvement in every area where we have applied specific improvement plans, including wait times, trip duration, cleanliness of vehicles and helpfulness of staff. These are all areas that are being addressed by our five-year plan to modernize the TTC.

A lot remains to be done. Customer satisfaction among frequent TTC riders is lower than that of occasional users, as our regular customers are more likely to encounter a delay as we continue to upgrade the network.

This summer’s air conditioning challenge on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth will certainly impact the next survey score, and a busy fall of subway closures to enable track and signal upgrades may also
impact how customers feel.

But with PRESTO rollout underway, new signalling on Line 1 Yonge-University fast approaching, and more new streetcars arriving, I am confident that we will continue to improve service and deliver a transit service that makes Toronto proud.

10% Decrease in subway delays, 80% descrease in streetcar delays, 50% decrease in short turns.

in Review: What we accomplished last weekend
Workers on the track.

Last weekend, Line 1 was closed between Bloor-Yonge and Osgoode stations. The closure time allowed us to complete important track replacement, state-of-good-repair work, and progress on other TTC projects, including:

• Replacement of 1830 ft. of rail
• Repair of a rail defect at Union Station
• Reinstallation of a restraining rail to avoid restricted speed zone
• Installation of power supply for Wellesley second exit project
• Installation of power supply for PRESTO at College, Queen and King stations

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to upgrade and maintain infrastructure, work that is critical to ensuring we remain a safe and reliable transit
system for our 1.8 million daily riders.

While we do much of our subway maintenance work after service ends each night, one weekend of work during a subway closure is equivalent to about five weeks of nightly work.

For more information on scheduled subway closures, visit the Service Advisories page, and watch the “TTC weekend subway closures” video at

Employee Profile
James Sullivan at Transit Control.

Name:James Sullivan
Position: Transit Control Technician,
Years of experience: 8

I started with the TTC as a CIS technician for four years and I’ve been with Transit Control for the last four. In this job, our team monitors and maintains work stations in Transit Control that are used to maintain subway service every day. It’s exciting work — something new happens every day and there’s always a system that needs to be upgraded. Outside of work, I volunteer in Swaziland, building an orphanage. We built a solar hot water heater and a chicken coop, and helped start a trade school. In March, we will build a large format solar oven and do solar cooking demonstrations for local families. The end goal is to help the local community and the orphanage to be self-sufficient. It’s great to be able to use the skills I have to serve both the public of Toronto, and the people of Swaziland.

There are no major disruptions at this time.

24 Hour service during Nuit Blanche

This weekend, the TTC will help residents and tourists experience the city transformed by artists during Nuit Blanche. Line 1 Yonge-University and Line 2 Bloor-Danforth will remain open all night on Saturday, October 1 into Sunday morning.

You can take advantage of the TTC’s Day/Group pass, which provides you with unlimited travel from the start of service on Saturday until 9 a.m. on Sunday October 2, all for $12.

Passes are ideal for:

• 1 adult and no more than 5 youths 13 to 19 years of age
• 2 adults and no more than 4 youths 13 to 19 years of age
• 2 adults

You can purchase and use a pass with the TTC’s e-ticketing app, TTCconnect, on your iOS or Android device, or you can buy a pass at any collector booth.


Why do buses not adhere to their timetables? I frequently use the Rocket Man app to check when the next bus is coming only to find that the bus comes early and I miss it.

This is extremely frustrating, especially late at night when some buses run less frequently. I understand a bus being late, but it should never leave early.

Thank you, Travis

Answer: Hi Travis,

The variables of traffic, construction, diversions, medical incidents, mechanical issues, etc., can all impact a schedule. The TTC is looking at real world vs schedule to ensure its schedules match reality, but there are a number of issues that impact service reliability. The TTC allows for plus or minus 3 minutes to its schedule. Buses should never depart a station more than three minutes early or late. If that does happen, please let us know so we can review why with the operator.

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