Andy Byford - CEO of TTC TTC, Bombardier focused on getting quality new streetcars to Toronto

There has been much said recently about the difficulties faced by Bombardier in the manufacture and delivery of Toronto’s new streetcar fleet.

Various production and quality issues delayed the program, meaning that there are currently 35 new vehicles in service when, by now, there should have been more than 100.

I am confident that Bombardier has now turned the corner and that deliveries will now match the revised schedule. This will see 70 new vehicles on Toronto’s streets by year end and, critically, the end date of 2019 for delivery of the full 204-strong order remains as per the original agreement.

With the 510 Spadina, 509 Harbourfront and 514 Cherry routes now virtually fully converted, the next route to receive new vehicles will be the 512 St Clair starting this fall.

These new streetcars are worth the wait. They offer far greater capacity, air conditioning and they are a key element in making the TTC fully accessible.

My approach throughout has been to stay focused on the ultimate objective: to get new streetcars to TTC customers as quickly as possible. That is why we have worked through the problems with Bombardier and why the project is now on the right track.

Service Alerts

This Saturday only, there will be no service on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth between St George and Broadview stations as TTC crews complete track work. Shuttle buses will run, stopping only at subway stations along the route.

Wheel-Trans will operate between St George and Broadview stations for customers who need it.

Regular service resumes Sunday at 8 a.m.

Surface Routes

Construction work at the intersection of Dundas and Parliament Sts. will require diversions on the following routes:

  • 505 Dundas streetcars will divert in both directions via Dundas, Bay and College Sts., stopping at College Station, and continuing via Carlton, Parliament St., Gerrard Street and Broadview Ave.
  • 505 Dundas shuttle buses will provide service on Dundas St., Shuter St. and Broadview Ave., between the intersection Bay & Dundas and Broadview Station.
  • 65 Parliament buses will divert in both directions via Parliament St., Shuter St., Sherbourne St., Gerrard St. and Parliament St.

Customers must transfer between 505 streetcars and 505 shuttle buses on Dundas St. W. at Bay St., or on Broadview Ave. between Broadview Station and Gerrard St.E.

Several parades and events are taking place throughout the city this weekend, including the Sporting Life 10k. Be sure to check for bus and streetcar route diversions. Get up-to-the-minute advisories by subscribing to eAlerts or following @TTCnotices on Twitter.

Arriving at Sheppard West
Sheppard West

Sheppard West Station is officially the name of the former Downsview Station. This change comes in advance of the opening of the six-stop Line 1 extension into York Region later this year.

A change of this magnitude takes time, so you may see some signs that still say Downsview.

Among the items being changed or revised are:

  • 30 signs in and around Sheppard West Station
  • 123 destination signs in other TTC stations
  • 161 platform ‘You Are Here’ maps in stations
  • 3,184 maps on subway trains
  • 4,000 maps in transit shelters
  • 250,000 Ride Guides
Employee Profile
Geoffrey Turner - Risk Advisor

Name: Geoffrey Turner 
Position: Risk Advisor
Years of service: 27

I was hired by the TTC in 1990 and have worked in a variety of roles across the organization. In each one, I’ve learned a little bit more about the back-of-house activities involved in delivering vehicles for service every day. At the moment, I’m a Risk Advisor, which means I focus on the proactive identification, assessment and ownership of all of our business risks. This is an area of significant development within our organization, and in this position I can put all my years of experience in public transit and as a mechanical engineer to good use. What I enjoy most about my job is the sense of pride and accomplishment I feel when I see one of our vehicles operating around the city, knowing that my contribution to TTC plays a part in getting Toronto commuters where they need to be. I really like the modern look of our new vehicles and all of the technologies that they take advantage of, but I have an affinity for the old vehicles. One of the things on my bucket list is to build a scale model replica of an old streetcar like the Peter Witt model, just to capture a moment of the early days of transit in the city.

Have you had your say?

TTC customers are invited to take part in two separate surveys, both developed and administered by international benchmarking organizations, about our subway and streetcar service. The subway survey is being conducted in subway networks around the world, and the streetcar survey by light rail systems across North America. Organizations will compare survey results, so that we can learn from each other and work toward giving you even better service. Most respondents complete the surveys in 3 to 5 minutes each.

Surveys run until May 21. To take part, visit our surveys page.

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