Andy Byford - CEO of TTC City Budget Passage is Good News for TTC Customers

Last week’s City Council vote to approve Mayor John Tory’s first budget was good news for TTC customers.

The budget included an unprecedented $90-million investment in TTC service. It comes after three years of lobbying on our part for increased, affordable funding to enable us to meet surging ridership, to decrease wait times and to reduce crowd-ing levels across the network.

I am particularly pleased that City Council supported the vast majority of the initiatives that we tabled last fall – proposals designed to reverse the damaging cuts imposed on the TTC in 2011 and 2012 – so we may begin delivering improved service on all modes.

Specifically, we will now work to introduce additional express bus services, restore minimum 10-minute-or-better service on our busiest routes, all-day service to the vast majority of routes, added trains to rush-hour service on the subway, and the conversion to all-door boarding on all 11 streetcar routes. Service reliability will also be enhanced with the deployment of more incident responders, and additional route and station supervisors to keep the network moving.

When we launched our Five-Year Corporate Plan to modernize the TTC in 2013, I said then that we needed two things to enable that plan to succeed: time and money. I am, therefore, relieved and grateful that additional funding has been forthcoming and that we have the support of the Mayor and Council in driving improvement.

This successful budget outcome means we can now accelerate our work and deliver tangible improvements sooner rather than later.

I recognize that a lot remains to be done before we have delivered on our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud, but we are that much closer today.

Line 3 Scarborough Gets an Upgrade

On Sunday, March 22, Line 3 Scarborough will celebrate its 30th anniversary – the end of its designed life expectancy. The same day, Line 3 riders will see the TTC introduce newly wrapped cars, as part of an aggressive maintenance plan to improve service reliability over the next ten years.

The wrap design ties into our new approach to subway line numbers and colours to help customers navigate the system. Two trains will be overhauled with the new durable vinyl exterior finish as an alternative paint and body work.

Over the next few months, the interior will also see a complete make-over, with new finishes on floors and walls, and a new seating configuration to provide better wheelchair access.

Weekend Line 1 Closure - St George to Lawrence West

On Saturday, March 21 and Sunday, March 22, there will be no service between St George and Lawrence West stations on Line 1 due to scheduled work on tracks, signals and switches. Frequent replacement bus service will operate between St George and Lawrence West stations, bypassing Eglinton West station due to work on the Metrolinx Eglinton-Crosstown.

Customers travelling from Eglinton West station must use the 32 Eglinton West bus to reach replacement busesat the intersection of Eglinton Ave. W. and Bathurst St. The TTC will have Wheel-Trans buses available at Lawrence West, Eglinton West and St George stations to accommodate customers who need them.

During the two-day closure, crews will replace 600 metres of rail, upgrade switches and maintain in signals. Lawrence West, Eglinton West, St Clair West, Spadina and St George stations will be open. Glencairn and Du-pont stations will be closed. Regular subway service will resume on Monday, March 23 at 6 a.m.

Employee Profile

Name: Linda Bockus
Title: Customer Information Representative
Years of service: 33

Working at the Customer Information Center as a transit professional has been very rewarding.  I have personally helped over 3.5 million callers get to where they want to go, using the Better Way.  As a traveler to many foreign cities, I can appreciate the challenges using an unfamiliar transit system.  I try to give the easiest, most precise directions to patrons. As I retire I would like to thank all of my coworkers for their friendship and support through the years. I know I am only a phone call away from resolving any transit related questions that I might have.

Weekly Service Summary


I am interested to know your procedure for cleaning subway stations. As I travel to different stations I would say that while the stations are old, they are well maintained. However, I would say Broadview Station stands out as a subway station that does not appear to receive the same cleaning.

Thanks, Salima

Subway stations receive a light cleaning daily, medium clean-ing on a weekly basis and heavy cleaning monthly.Light cleaning involves sweeping, dusting, garbage collec-tion and mopping up spills. Medium cleaning involves power washing bus bays and stairwells, while heavy duty cleaning involves power washing platforms and station walls. You may have noticed more garbage recently because of the melting snow. In mid-April, the TTC will undertake a spring cleaning blitz of all stations. Remember, customers can do their part by putting litter and recycling in bins located on every platform and in all TTC stations.

Thanks! TTC

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