Starting March 29, 2020, and continuing until late Fall 2020, the 32D Eglinton West route, which normally terminates at Eglinton West Station, will be extended to Eglinton Station. This is due to the temporary closure of the bus loop at Eglinton West Station.

With the 32D Eglinton West route extended to Eglinton Station, bus bays at Eglinton Station will be temporarily reassigned. The 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside buses will be required to use Duplex and Berwick Avenues to access the bus terminal. Speed bumps on Duplex and Berwick Avenues must be modified to accommodate TTC buses travelling along these routes.

Once the Eglinton West bus loop re-opens in early September, the 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside buses will resume their regular route into Eglinton Station.

No changes will be implemented on the curb-side stops along the 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside routes.