7 p.m., May 7 to 4 a.m., May 8, 2021

504A King streetcars will operate between Broadview Station and Distillery Loop.

504B/304 King streetcars

  • Westbound: Broadview Avenue, Queen Street East, Queen Street West, Spadina Avenue, King Street West, Dufferin Street to Dufferin Gate Loop.
  • Eastbound: Dufferin Street, King Street West, Spadina Avenue, Queen Street West, Queen Street East, Broadview Avenue to Broadview Station.

504B/304 bus replacement

  • Westbound: Broadview Avenue, Queen Street East, King Street East, King Street West, Bathurst Street, Wolseley Loop.
  • Eastbound: Wolseley Loop, Bathurst Street, King Street West, King Street East, Queen Street East, Broadview Avenue, Dundas Street East, River Street, Gerrard Street East, Broadview Avenue.