Several changes will take effect on September 1, 2019 (unless otherwise noted) and include service reliability improvements, service increase, new accessible route designation, a new express stop, reinstatement of a streetcar route, seasonal service adjustments, and a construction-related change.

Service reliability improvements

The Service Reliability Program, which continuously monitors and improves schedules to better match observed operating conditions, will result in new schedules for the following lines/routes, effective September 3, 2019:

  • Line 2 Bloor-Danforth
  • 41 Keele /941 Keele Express
  • 42 Cummer
  • 50 Burnhamthorpe
  • 80 Queensway
  • 84 Sheppard West/984 Sheppard West Express
  • 85 Sheppard East/985 Sheppard East Express
  • 89 Weston/989 Weston Express
  • 96 Wilson/996 Wilson Express
  • 141 Downtown/Mt Pleasant Express
  • 165 Weston Rd North
  • 501/301 Queen
  • 939 Finch Express

Service Increase

101 Downsview Park (effective September 3, 2019)
Service will be increased during the peak periods to accommodate increased customer demand from the new Centennial College, Downsview Campus. Service will increase from every 20 minutes to every 10 minutes in the peak periods. There will be no change to the service levels in the off-peak periods.

Accessible Route Designation

501 Queen
All 501 Queen service will be provided by accessible vehicles starting September 1, 2019. Service west of Humber Loop will operate every 10 minutes at all times. During peak periods, Monday to Friday, 508 Lake Shore service will operate between Long Branch and downtown. Service levels will also be adjusted in the off-peak periods to reallocate resources to improve service reliability. With this change, the 501 Queen route will be designated as accessible.

New Express Stop

85 Sheppard East/985 Sheppard East Express (effective September 3, 2019)
Express service will be modified so that all stops on Sheppard Avenue East between Morningside Avenue and Meadowvale Road will be served by the peak-period 985B (Don Mills Station-Meadowvale) branch. The new express stops are at 8150 Sheppard Ave East, 8270 Sheppard Ave East, Rouge River Drive/8800 Sheppard Ave East and Ecopark Gate.

Reinstatement of Streetcar Route

508 Lake Shore (effective September 3, 2019)
Limited service will return to the 508 Lake Shore route, operating between Long Branch and downtown Toronto, via the King Street Transit Priority Corridor to Parliament Street. Service will operate with low-floor streetcars.

Seasonal Service Adjustments

29 Dufferin
Seasonal service ends and Monday-Friday peak period and weekend daytime services on the 29 Dufferin will return to Exhibition Place and Princes’ Gate (29C).

30 Lambton
Seasonal service into High Park ends after Labour Day and service will return to regular routing between High Park Station and Kipling Station.

86 Scarborough (effective September 3, 2019)
Monday to Friday, extended hours at the Toronto Zoo will end and the Zoo will close at 4:30 p.m. The last westbound 86 Scarborough trip from the Zoo will be at approximately 6:00 p.m. The 86C (Kennedy Station-Sheppard) branch will operate from 6 p.m. to end of service.

Seasonal service adjustments will end and regular service will resume on the following lines/routes:

  • 2 Bloor-Danforth (effective September 3, 2019) 
  • 11 Bayview (effective September 3, 2019) 
  • 92 Woodbine South 
  • 94 Wellesley (effective September 3, 2019)
  • 900 Airport Express
  • 905 Eglinton East Express
  • 944 Kipling South Express

Construction-related changes

34 Eglinton East
The north-south access at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue East and Leslie Street will be reopened following Metrolinx Line 5 construction. Service levels on 34C (Eglinton Station-Flemingdon Park) branch will return to regular levels.

36 Finch West 
Due to Metrolinx Line 6 construction on Finch Ave West between Signet Drive and Arrow Road and at Finch Avenue West and Sentinel Road, schedules will be adjusted in all periods. Additional time will be added to the schedules and buses will be added to accommodate anticipated delays.

51 Leslie
Metrolinx Line 5 construction at Eglinton Avenue East and Leslie Street will end and the intersection will be open for all traffic movements. 51 Leslie will return to regular routing via Eglinton Avenue to Eglinton Station. Construction service on 51A (Eglinton-Steeles) and 51C (Eglinton-Don Mills) will no longer operate, and will be replaced by regular 51 (Eglinton Station-Steeles) service.

54 Lawrence East 
Metrolinx Line 5 construction at Eglinton Avenue East and Leslie Street will end and the intersection will be open for all traffic movements. 54 Lawrence East will return to regular routing via Leslie Street to Eglinton Station. Construction service on 54C (Leslie-Starspray), 54G (Leslie-Orton Park), and 54D (Eglinton Station-Lawrence East Station) will no longer operate. Regular 54A (Eglinton Station-Starspray) and 54B (Eglinton Station-Orton Park) will operate in all periods.

91 Woodbine 
The north-south access at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue and Sloane Avenue / Bermondsey Road will reopen. Service on 91 Woodbine will revert to regular routing.

TTC and City construction at Queen Street East and Kingston Road:

22 Coxwell, 322 Coxwell, 502 Downtowner and 503 Kingston Rd
City and TTC construction at Queen Street East and Kingston Road will result in service changes along the Kingston Road corridor.

To provide a more reliable service during construction on Kingston Road, all daytime service will be consolidated on the 503 Kingston Rd route. In addition, due to continued construction on Wellington Street, between Church Street and Yonge Street, buses will utilize King Street, in both directions.

The 502 Downtowner route will be suspended during construction at Queen Street East and Kingston Road in order to operate a more reliable service with a single service on Kingston Road. Customers travelling to/from destinations on Queen Street, west of Broadview Avenue, will need to transfer to 501 Queen streetcars.

During the closure of the Queen Street East and Kingston Road intersection, 503 buses will divert via Dundas Street East and Coxwell Avenue, in both directions. In downtown, buses will travel westbound via King Street to York Street. Buses will turn back via north on York Street, west on Richmond Street West, south on University Avenue, to King Street.

22 Coxwell and 322 Coxwell buses will also divert during the evening, Monday to Friday, and all day on weekends and holidays. Service on the 22B (Coxwell Station-Queen) branch will terminate at Queen/Coxwell Loop. Service on the 22A (Coxwell Station-Victoria Park) branch will divert, in both directions, via Coxwell Avenue, clockwise through Queen/Coxwell Loop, west on Queen Street East, north on Coxwell Avenue, Dundas Street East, and Kingston Road. The existing northbound diversion via Gerrard Street East and Woodbine Avenue, due to Metrolinx bridge work, will continue at all times. A temporary stop will be placed northbound on Coxwell Avenue, farside at Queen Street East.

143 Downtown/Beach Express
City and TTC construction at the intersection of Queen Street East and Kingston Road will require 143 Downtown/Beach Express buses to divert at all times.

Service will divert in both directions via Parliament Street, Lake Shore Boulevard, and Woodbine Avenue. The stops at Queen and Kingston and Queen and Lockwood/Sarah Ashbridge will not be served during this time. Buses will serve stops in both directions on Parliament Street and King Street, to allow customers to transfer to/from 504 KING streetcars.

501/301 Queen
Construction will affect service on the 501 Queen. City watermain construction, followed by TTC track reconstruction, will require the removal of streetcars east of Russell Carhouse. Streetcars will continue to operate west of Russell Carhouse and buses will operate between River Street and Neville Park. The construction is scheduled to be complete in November 2019.

The following services will operate:

  • 501A (Humber Loop to Greenwood Avenue) streetcars
  • 501L (Long Branch Loop to Humber Loop) streetcars
  • 501/301 (Long Branch Loop to Greenwood Avenue) streetcars in the late evening and overnight
  • 501R (River Street to Neville Park Loop) buses
  • 508 (Long Branch Loop to Parliament Street via King Street) streetcars
  • 301R (Greenwood Avenue to Neville Park Loop) buses

Overnight streetcar service will continue to operate every 15 minutes between Long Branch and Russell Carhouse. Connecting bus service will operate between Russell Carhouse and Neville Park.