Taking GO and UP Express during significant TTC subway disruptions (GO protocol)

We work with GO Transit and UP Express to get you to where you need to go when there is a significant service disruption on the subway. During these events a GO protocol may be put into place. If this happens, you can board a GO or UP Express train at designated stations without having to tap your PRESTO card a second time. You only need to pay one fare in order to board the train. If you haven’t already tapped your PRESTO card at a TTC station, you will need to tap onto a PRESTO card reader at the GO or UP Express station before you board a GO or UP Express train. Remember to tap your PRESTO card after you get off the GO or UP train. If the GO protocol is activated, information about which GO or UP Express stations are being used will be shared on our @ttchelps and @ttcnotices Twitter accounts and through the media.

11 Service Alerts

504 King: Major delays eastbound near Parliament St due to a collision.

Last updated 2:54 PM

24 Victoria Park: Delays of up to 15 minutes near Eglinton Ave E due to construction.

Last updated 1:23 PM

Highway 407: Elevator out of service between parking lot entrance, concourse and bus platform.

Last updated 11:09 AM

161 Rogers Road: Detour via Ossington Ave and Hallam St due to construction.

Last updated 6:53 AM

501 Queen: Detour eastbound via King St E and Queen St E due to construction.

Last updated Sep 25, 1:23 PM

162 Lawrence-Donway: Detour westbound via Don Mills Rd, Lawrence Ave E and The Donway E due to construction.

Last updated Sep 25, 8:11 AM

Line 1: Mon. and Tues., subway service between Sheppard West and Wilson stations will end nightly at 11pm for track work. Shuttle buses will run.

Last updated Sep 25, 6:30 AM

Line 1: Next Mon. through Thurs. nightly starting at midnight, customers will board northbound trains on southbound platforms at Pioneer Village and Highway 407 stations during single-track operation. Expect slightly longer wait times.

Last updated Sep 25, 6:29 AM

Line 1: There is no subway service between Lawrence and St Clair stations due to work on the Eglington Crosstown LRT and maintenance work. Shuttle buses are running. Visit ttc.ca for more information.

Last updated Sep 25, 6:26 AM

Queen: Elevator out of service between underpass and Line 1 northbound platform.

Last updated Sep 14, 4:04 PM

Finch: Elevator out of service between bus platform and bus concourse.

Last updated Sep 14, 3:59 PM

Please note that in the event of a subway service delay, shuttle buses will be deployed to assist passengers. However, shuttle buses cannot carry the same passenger volume as a subway.