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Subway Construction Activities at York University

August 15, 2011

Construction Notice No 3.

Construction continues in the Common, including large equipment operation close to the York Research Tower, flagpole relocation and lane restrictions on James Gillies Street.

Construction continues in the Common with utility diversions, excavation, and the delivery of materials and large equipment. Starting this week, large equipment will be operating very close to the York Research Tower, as work begins on the construction of the perimeter of the subway station box. This large equipment is approximately 20 metres high and could reach as high as the mid floors of the York Research Tower. 

Several pieces of equipment will be used in the construction of the station box and will be noticeable to some occupants on the south side of the York Research Tower. Some construction- related disturbances may be experienced due to the proximity of the work to the building.  This phase of work is expected to take approximately four months. 

Flagpole Relocation in the Common

York University’s flagpole will be relocated to a new location at the west end of the Common. It will be relocated to the plaza between the reflecting pond and the fountain. Starting this week, a new foundation will be built at that area.  Once the foundation is ready, the flagpole will be removed from the subway construction area and installed to its new location, for the end of August.

Lane Restriction on James Gillies St. east of Schulich School of Business

In order to mobilize a drill rig to the east side of the Schulich School of Business, a lane restriction will occur late this week on James Gillies St. for no more than one day. Traffic control personnel will help ensure safe movement of pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Once mobilized, construction will begin adjacent to the Schulich School of Business, excavating a deep shaft in preparation of tunnelling operations and building protection measures. This work is expected to take approximately five weeks.

We regret any inconvenience that may be caused as a result of this work.  

For more Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension construction information, please contact us at:

Construction Information Line: 1-800-223-6192


TTY Hearing Impaired Service: 416-481-2523 (Daily 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., closed statutory holidays).

Bus Route Changes


Review the new changes to bus routes in the area to connect to the new subway extension.

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