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York University - Construction Resumes at York University Station Site

November 11, 2011

Work on the York University Station construction site, located between York Boulevard and the Archives Building /York Research Tower and shown as Site 2 on the map below, will resume on Monday, November 14, 2011.

Following shut down of construction on October 11, 2011, a staged plan to resume work has been developed and agreed to.

The first stage of the plan for the York University Station site commenced on Friday, November 4, 2011 and involved general site maintenance and preparation, and equipment inspection.

Work on the York University Station construction site will involve the continuation of caisson drilling. The installation of caissons is needed to support the station excavation, however, no caisson drilling will be undertaken immediately adjacent to the Archive/York Research Tower building at this time. The TTC is in discussions with the University about ways to minimize the need for drill rigs and other heavy equipment to work close to this building.

The TTC and its contractor have recently conducted a due diligence exercise to reassure the University, themselves, and the public that the remainder of the caisson drilling program within this site will be completed under the highest possible safety standards. The TTC and its contractor have further reviewed safety plans and work methods on campus. The TTC is satisfied that all necessary safety protocols are in place to allow construction to resume at all sites on the University with the exception of Site 3 north of the Schulich Building which is still under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour.

Safety is Paramount

The TTC is taking all necessary steps for safety of the construction sites on the TYSSE project.

Construction Sites on York University Campus

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