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Update: Subway Construction Activities at York University - Preparation work for restart of construction at York University Station site

November 3, 2011

On November 4, 2011, the TTC’s contractor intends to remobilize on the York University Station site to begin preparing the site for the resumption of subway construction.  The preparations are to be undertaken within the area shown on the map below as Site 2, and are necessary prior to the restart of caisson drilling operations on this site.
The site preparations will include general grading and clean up of the site, and soil testing, as necessary.  To make room for these activities, equipment within the site, such as the drilling machines and cranes, and materials will have to be moved. None of this involves caisson drilling work. It is anticipated that these preparations will take one or two days to complete.

The TTC and its contractor have already started to conduct a due diligence exercise to reassure themselves and the public that the remainder of the caisson drilling program within this site will be completed under the highest possible safety standards. This due diligence exercise will be complete prior to the restart of caisson drilling on this site and will:

TTC will work with its contractor to develop feasible alternative staging plans and/or method of work immediately adjacent to the buildings in the Common.

TTC and York University must both be satisfied with the results of this exercise before drilling can continue on the site.  A separate notice will be issued prior to the restart of drilling on this site.

Restart of construction on Test Grouting Construction Site

The contractor also intends to resume work at the Test Grouting construction site, on the east side of the Schulich Building, shown in the map below as site 4.  The next phase of work to occur on this site involves continued excavation of material from the shaft that is partially dug.  A crane will be used throughout the remaining excavation process.  Upon completion, it will also be used to lower compensation grouting equipment and materials into the shaft.  No caisson drilling rigs will be used at this site.
After a thorough review, and in consultation with the contractor, the TTC is confident that construction work at the Test Grouting site can safely resume.

Safety is Paramount

The TTC is taking all necessary steps for safety of the construction sites on the TYSSE project and is taking into account the uniqueness of the University’s requirements.

Construction Sites on York University Campus

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