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2015 Construction Year In Review

February 29, 2016

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This has been an exciting year for the project as entrance buildings at all six stations have emerged from the ground. This is a review of some key achievements from 2015.

Progress by Station

87% Downsview Park Station
81% Finch West Station
63% York University Station
85% Pioneer Village Station
79% Highway 407 Station
83% Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station

Power Up of Sub-Stations

Two of the four power sub-stations have been energized and are ready to deliver power to the stations at Downsview Park and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and to rail beyond.

VMC Power Sub-Station

Photo of Power Sub-Station

VMC Electrical Room

Photo of control room equipment.

Transformers at Downsview Park Station

Photo of transformers on concrete pads.

Escalator Installations

All escalators are installed in the stations; four remain to go into bus terminals. The first operating escalator is located at Downsview Park Station and one of the longest escalators (26 metres) ever installed by TTC can be found at Highway 407 Station.

Escalators at Downsview Park Station

Photo of escalator

26 m Escalator at Highway 407 Station

Photo of escalator


During 2015 distinctive entrance structures emerged at the stations. Entrance structures will be fitted with bird-friendly fritted glass, will have green or cool roofs and are designed to allow daylight to penetrate deep into most of the stations.

Downsview Park Station East Entrance Building

Photo of station entrance.

York University Station Entrance Building

Photo of station entrance.

Highway 407 Station and GO/YRT Bus Terminal

Photo of station entrance.

Finch West Station Entrance Building

Photo of station entrance.

Pioneer Village Station South Entrance Building

Photo of station entrance.

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station Entrance Building

Photo of entrance building.

Major Concrete Pours

Two very large concrete pours closed in key station roof sections at VMC and York University stations. On July 4-5, more than 2,200 cubic metres of concrete was placed at the VMC Station; on September 26-27, about 2,800 cubic metres of concrete was placed at York University Station.

York University Station Concrete Pour

Photo of trucks pouring concrete.

York University Waffle Beam Ceiling

Photo of ceiling.

YouTube videos of both pours can be viewed here:

Greening of the Project

Green roofs have now been planted at Downsview Park Station, which is designed to support an extensive green roof system that covers both the east and west entrance buildings. Also, substantial surface restoration began in the fall at Downsview Park Station. This work includes seeding, plantings and the installation of block paving stones on the grounds surrounding the station.

Downsview Park Station Green Roof Installation

Photo of workers on roof.

Downsview Park Station Landscaping Construction

Photo of walkway and landscaping.

Bus Terminals

Bus terminal structures at Pioneer Village and Highway 407 stations have roofs. Interior work began, and the structures were enclosed for winter work. The Finch West Station bus terminal roof and canopy were nearing completion at the end of 2015.

Finch West Station Bus Terminal

Photo of bus terminal.

Pioneer Village Bus Terminal

Photo of bus terminal.

Highway 407 GO/YRT Bus Terminal

Aerial photo of bus terminal.

Trackwork 80% Complete

At the end of 2015, track installation and special track work was 80% complete.

Completed Track in Northbound Tunnel Under Keele Street, North of Murray Ross Parkway

Photo of subway tunnel.

Double Ended Pocket Track Housing Structure (DEPTHS), North of Finch Avenue West Under Keele Street

Photo of track crossover.

VMC Station Tail Track

Photo of tail track.

Over 475 Kilometres of Cable is Being Pulled Through the Tunnels and Stations

Photo of cable spools in tunnel.

2015 Canadian Project of the Year Award

TTC, along with partners (Hatch Mott MacDonald, Golder Associates, OHL/FCC, McNally, Kiewit, AECON, MMM Group, Parsons and Morrison Hershfield), won the Canadian Tunnelling Association’s Canadian Project of the Year Award for the Toronto‑York Spadina Subway Extension Twin Tunnels Project. This award is presented to a team that has significantly contributed to a project in Canada that demonstrates the highest level of engineering skill, insight and understanding of underground construction.

What’s In Store for 2016 and Beyond?

2016 will be an important year for the project to install mechanical and electrical components, systems installations, and other finishing work such as tiling and terrazzo flooring. Trackwork is scheduled to be finished in late March 2016. By the end of 2016, we expect that five of the six stations will be substantially complete. In 2017, testing and commissioning of the new line will be underway in anticipation of the opening at the end of 2017.

The TYSSE project is an 8.6-kilometre extension of the Toronto Transit Commission’s Yonge-University-Spadina (Line 1) subway line from its present terminus at Downsview Station (to be renamed Sheppard West Station when the extension is complete) to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station at Highway 7. It will have six new stations. The expansion of the subway will bring the Line 1 into The Regional Municipality of York. The new line is expected to open by the end of 2017.

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The Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project is jointly funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto and The Regional Municipality of York.

Download a PDF version of the newsletter

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