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2016 Construction Year In Review

January 23, 2017

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2016 was an exciting year for the TYSSE project as all six stations neared completion. Here is a review of some of the key achievements in 2016.

Downsview Park Station platform at west stairs/escalators

photo of stairs and escalators to platform

TYSSE subway tunnels at Emergency Exit Building 1.

photo of subway tunnel

Track Work Completed!

Installation of 17.4 kilometres of double track in the stations and tunnels, four sections of special track work, including crossovers and a pocket track allowing trains to park off the main line underground was completed in the spring of 2016. This work included installation of the traction power rail.

Downsview Park Station 97% Complete

This past year at Downsview Park Station was focused primarily on getting all building systems installed, including ventilation, heat, lights, fire alarm, the building management system and auto-switches.  Grass and trees were planted this past year around the station to complete the landscaping.  Permanent lighting is installed and the coloured concrete plaza work is complete, along with covered bicycle racks and planters. Multipurpose paths to Sheppard Avenue West were completed. Work began in 2016 on a separate contract to build a GO train platform for the GO Barrie stop which will be accessed through the east entrance building.

GO Barrie station platform under construction.

photo of GO train at station

Station entrance green roofs.

photo of green roof

East entrance pavillion - public art installation (“Spin”).

photo of station entrance interior

East entrance landscaping, plaza close to complete.

photo of station entrance exterior

Transit Connections

Downsview Park Station is a fully-integrated, multi-modal transit facility and is centred under the GO Rail corridor providing access to GO Transit’s Barrie commuter rail platform.

Finch West Station 91% Complete

In 2016, construction at Finch West Station  focused on the traction power substation, transformer yard and the bus terminal.  Road restoration work was completed, restoring Finch Avenue West to four lanes which was opened to traffic in November.  Station finishing works included the installation of glass tiles throughout the station concourse, walls are covered with a variety of coloured tiles in yellow (glass tiles), grey, black and red (glass tiles). Entrance corridors are tiled in red hexagonal glass tiles, leading to the bus terminal from the concourse and to the main entrance. The terrazzo flooring reflects some of the colour scheme and includes decorative patterns. Most of the terrazzo was completed in the public areas, station platform and concourse.

View of Finch West construction - looking north west.

photo of construction site

Concourse entrance to bus terminal.

photo of stairs and escalators

Finch West subway platform.

photo of subway platform

Finch West main entrance - west side of Keele St.

photo of station entrance interior

Transit Connections

Finch West Station will have a five-bay bus terminal with two bus stops on Keele St. and a future connection to the Finch West LRT. This station will also have commuter parking for 358 vehicles and a passenger pick up and drop off (PPUDO) off of Tangiers Road.

York University Station 92% Complete

York University Station came above ground in 2016 with the station box completely backfilled by the early spring; this station was the last to start construction and is the final station to have its roof covered over and disappear below ground. Significant progress was made on the entrance building, the glass curtain walls in the light-well and on the east side are installed and the boomerang-shaped roof is in place. Within the station, all six escalators and two elevators and other station systems were installed while mechanical and electrical infrastructure installation continues to progress. Interior finishes, tiles, ceiling panels, lighting and terrazzo flooring were close to complete by year end. Other construction activities in the fall involved outdoor landscaping and the restoration of York University’s pathways, plaza and roads.

Overview of York University Station site - looking south.

photo of construction site

Light well view from station concourse.

photo of light well

View of station platform at central elevator.

photo of elevator from platform

Concourse level station attendant room. 

photo of interior 

Pioneer Village Station 96% Complete

Work in 2016 at Pioneer Village Station continued on both sides of Steeles Avenue West. The two unique entrance structures were being finished with corten (weathering) steel and glass panels. This weathering steel was also being applied to the TTC bus terminal and interior walls leading to the subway platform level. On the south side, work progressed on the main entrance building, bus terminal and landscaping.  On the north side of the station, work began, under a separate contract, to build the YRT bus terminal, passenger pick-up and drop-off (PPUDO), a 1,950 space TTC commuter parking lot and a new public street off of Steeles Avenue, and an access road from Jane St., both providing access to the TTC lot and YRT Bus terminal.

Entrance buildings and bus terminal.

photo of construction site

Station platform at escalator to south concourse.

photo of escalators at platform

South station entrance building.

photo of entrance building

Transit Connections

The main entrance to the subway is located on the north side of Steeles Avenue West, providing access to the YRT bus terminal, the PPUDO and TTC commuter parking lot. On the south side a 12 bay TTC bus terminal will provide connections to and from TTC routes and York University north campus. Commuter parking for 1,950 vehicles and associated access roads are located in the hydro corridor to the north of the station.


Highway 407 Station 96% Complete

Highway 407 Station has already become a visual landmark for travellers on Highway 407 and Jane Street. From the air, the large bus terminal with its unusual shape and aluminum clad roof, looks like a space ship. Construction progressed on all levels of the subway station and bus terminal including the installation of the bus terminal roof and landscaped berms where the structure curves down toward ground level. The finishing works for the interior of the station continue, with the installation of ceilings, ceramic wall tiles, lighting, electrical and mechanical systems, and finishing works including the terrazzo flooring. Work has progressed outside the station in the 560 spot commuter parking lot with the installation of lighting poles, electrical cables, and planting and landscaping.

Main station entrance from commuter parking lot and PPUDO.

photo of entrance exterior

Subway platform terrazzo installation.

photo of platform

Main station entrance bus terminal.

photo of bus terminal roof

Transit Connections

Highway 407 station will be a multi-modal transportation hub and includes an 18 bay GO bus terminal (to be shared with YRT/Viva) with direct connections to the subway station. This station will have approximately 560 parking spaces including 14 accessible parking spaces which are provided adjacent to the PPUDO and close to the TTC subway entrance.

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station 96% Complete

In 2016 work continued on the entrance structure at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station. Layers of waterproof roof covering and skylights were embedded into the roof to allow daylight to penetrate down to the concourse level, in preparation for the final layer of zinc, standing seam metal cool roof frame. Bird friendly fritted glass was added at the north and south ends of the entrance. The Viva Bus Rapid Transit connection is accessed from the concourse level of the subway station under Highway 7. At the north end of the station, the pedestrian tunnel connection to the new YRT SmartREIT bus terminal was handed over to YRRTC for bus terminal construction. Hand over of the surface connecting structure to YRRTC to install the BRT station surface facilities was completed in mid 2016.

Subway station main entrance structure - north west corner of Millway Avenue and Highway 7.

photo of entrance building exterior

Concourse level and attendant booth.

photo of concourse

View of the station platform and stairs and escalator.

photo of platform stairs and escalator

Transit Connections

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station is multi-modal transportation hub with PPUDO, connections to YRT SmartREIT bus terminal and to viva BRT on Highway 7. The passenger pick-up and drop-off areas will be located on New Park Place and Millway Avenue (beside the bus terminal).

Tunnel equipping.

photo of tunnel equipping

Finch West Station transformer yard power substation.

photo of transformers

Communications systems.

photos of cable installation

Automatic Train Control antenna.

photo of antennae in the tunnel

At the end of 2016, three out of four traction power substations were energized, providing five out of six stations with permanent electrical power.  The fourth power sub-station is to be complete and operational in Q1 2017.

Extensive work was completed in the subway tunnels including:

Connections for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) feed information from 3000 pieces of equipment for fire alarm, IT network, radio, public address systems, passenger assistance intercoms, and closed circuit television to the Transit Control Centre (TCC).  Additional antennae and radiating cable are being installed for tunnel and station Wi-Fi.  A two-way radio communication system is being installed between the stations and tunnels and TTC Transit Control to provide radio communications for running subway trains, as well as emergency radio services for police, fire and ambulance for both Toronto and York Region.  Radio coverage is now operational from TTC Transit Control through to the new York University Station.

Wilson Yard modification work, needed to provide storage and maintenance for the new trains for the project, is close to completion. Work at Wilson Yard includes the installation of new storage track, signaling system, new power substation, traction power distribution and integrated controls for the yard.

UPCOMING MILESTONES - Traction Power On - April 2017: Will allow start of testing of trains in new tunnels and stations. 

The TYSSE project is an 8.6-kilometre extension of the TTC’s Line 1 Yonge-University subway line from its present terminus at Downsview Station (to be renamed Sheppard West Station) to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station at Hwy. 7. It will have six new stations. The expansion of the subway will bring the Line 1 into The Regional Municipality of York. The new line is scheduled to open by the end of 2017.

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The Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project is jointly funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto and The Regional Municipality of York.

Download a PDF version of the newsletter.

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