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Downsview Park Station

Architect's rendering of an aerial view of the Sheppard West Station


Downsview Park Station will provide access to facilities and developments in Parc Downsview Park and the Keele Industrial area north of Sheppard Avenue West. The station is set back to allow for transit oriented development on the south side of Sheppard Avenue West. To maximize transit oriented development, bus terminal parking and Passenger Pick-Up and Drop-Off facilities will be available at the future Sheppard West and Finch West Stations.

Bakersfield Street will be extended to provide vehicle access to the west side of the station. The TTC subway station is centred under the CN/GO Rail line to provide better integration between transit modes and to make room for transit oriented development. GO Transit has committed to cost sharing for this fully-integrated, multi-modal transit facility. The development potential of Parc Downsview Park is maximized by locating a significant portion of the station in the 30-metre strip on either side of the CN/GO right-of-way that is not available for development. 

Entrance pavilions are located on both sides of the CN/GO Rail line with access for pedestrians on footpaths adjacent to maintenance and emergency response access routes. A maintenance driveway extends from the Bakersfield Street and Sheppard Avenue West intersection, allowing for access to the Bakersfield substation that is integrated with the west pavilion. The east pavilion contains both TTC spaces and GO Transit ticketing spaces.The station is located to allow transit oriented development to build up to a more urban nature in the future, with the design of the TTC station meeting height limitation requirements for the Downsview Airport.

Follow these links to the TTC Commission Reports and learn more about the conceptual design and features for Station:

Design Images

Exterior West Pavilion

Architectural Rendering of West Pavillion

Interior West Pavilion

Architectural Rendering of Interior of the West Pavillion

Concourse View

Architectural Rendering of the Concourse

Platform View

Architectural Rendering for the Platform

Public Art

Panya Clark Espinal

Panya Clark Espinal

A Public Art selection process resulted in the selection of Panya Clark Espinal as the public artist for Downsview Park Station. The artist is intrigued by the act of looking and the assumptions we make about what we see. She has developed a piece called "Spin".

Artwork is integrated into glazing, terrazzo, ceramic wall tile, and aluminum ceiling finishes throughout the station in a collaborative effort by the artist and the architect.

In the artist's words...Spin offers viewers various opportunities throughout the station to visualize three imaginary circular brushstrokes floating within and beyond the architectural envelope they are occupying. Using anamorphic techniques, each view of the rings is depicted on the architectural surfaces such that when viewed from the point of 'projection' the rendered lines connect smoothly and crystalize as a unified geometry. When seen from other angles the various segments of the geometry fragment and the ring becomes unrecognizable. As we move through the station and descend to the lower levels we see the rings from different angles and pass through them, observing them deconstruct.

Architect's Concept

Located in Canada’s first national urban park, Downsview Park Station will be a vital link between transit modes, TTC subway and buses, GO Transit train service, the Downsview community and Parc Downsview Park (PDP), which itself will include large green spaces integrated with urban precincts.  The station is a focal point of the northern park area and its design reflects the dual nature of the park, featuring sweeping lush vegetated green roofs, dramatic sloped glass walls and landform shaped building elements in aluminum and stone. The entrance buildings incorporate large wells cut through the floor levels containing escalators and stairs but also serve to conduct ample daylight down through the station while creating sightlines for passenger orientation and wayfinding. The fully accessible station includes at concourse level a free public passageway under the rail corridor as well as the fare line entrance to the subway. The station will be a thoroughly modern passenger terminal subscribing to  sustainable design principles in step with Toronto Green Standards.



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