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Photo of Green Roof


Green and Cool Roofs

  • Downsview Park Station features sweeping lush vegetated green roofs at both the east and west entrance buildings.
  • Finch West Station’s design includes a cool roof over the main entrance and a green roof over the elevated substation box.
  • York University and Highway 407 Stations feature metal cool roofs that have a high solar reflectance and absorb little heat.
  • Pioneer Village Station includes cool roofs over the entrance buildings and green roofs over the TTC bus terminal and substation.
  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station features a cool roof on the main entrance and a green roof on the south side of Highway 7 on the electrical substation.

Highway 407 Station cool roof

 Natural Lighting and Bird-friendly Glass

  • Downsview Park Station’s east and west entrance buildings incorporate large wells cut through the floor levels that serve to conduct ample daylight down through the station while creating sightlines for passenger orientation and wayfinding.
  • The entrance at York University Station has a lightwell from the Common providing daylight into the concourse and views to the campus. A roof structure links the two entrance pavilions and the lightwell. Glazing on the east side of the entrance structure provides natural light down to the concourse level. The lightwells in the Common provide passenger orientation and opportunities for daylight harvesting.
  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station contains skylights that allow daylight to penetrate down to concourse level.
  • On the east side of Highway 407 Station, facing Jane Street, features sloped windows which allow daylight to penetrate into the concourse and down to platform level.
  • Increased daylight levels help to reduce electric lighting power usage.
  • LED lighting in pylon signs, and energy efficient lighting in illuminated wayfinding.
  • ‘Fritted’ bird-friendly glass is a feature at all the new subway stations. The fritted glass pattern at our station entrances uses dots that allows birds to distinguish this glass as something to avoid.

Bird friendly glass.

York University Station Light Scoop

Landscaping Design

  • Reduced storm water runoff into the municipal drainage system by utilizing green roof landscaping and soft landscaping areas adjacent to other building runoff areas.
  • All station designs incorporate landscaping with native and drought resistant plantings.
  • Black Creek was successfully diverted to the eastern side of Highway 407 Station at the end of 2010.
  • Bioswales are landscape features that are designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. Bioswales are especially important around the Finch West, Pioneer Village and Highway 407 parking lots where they help to filter and treat the automotive pollution from the rainwater before it enters the storm sewer.

Diversion of Black Creek

407-Jane Construction Activity

Construction Activity Map

Find out about construction activity in the 407-Jane Neighbourhood

407-Jane Construction Activity Map

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