The TTC has a strong organizational commitment to, and long history of making Toronto’s transit system accessible. The 2014-2018 TTC Multi-Year Accessibility Plan provides an update on the TTC’s recent accessibility improvement activities, and outlines specific key initiatives which the TTC will complete over the next five years as part of plans to make the transit system accessible.

Vision and Accessibility Policy Statement

TTC is committed to improving the accessibility of our services and facilities, working towards an accessible transit system that makes Toronto proud.

Background - Legislation and Policies

TTC has worked to improve system accessibility since the 1980s, guided by accessibility legislation, and TTC corporate planning and policies.


TTC consults on an ongoing basis with customers with disabilities and our Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT) on accessibility planning issues.

System Accessibility Status and Recent Improvements

Several significant accessibility improvements and milestones have been achieved by the TTC over the past five years.

Ongoing Accessibility Improvements

Over the next five years, TTC will seek to achieve several goals and objectives to improve the accessibility of stations and facilities, vehicles, Wheel-Trans services, and customer service.

Funding and Annual Review

Additional funding will be required to meet all goals of the accessibility plan. TTC will report annually on its progress in making accessibility improvements.