Since the 2014-2018 Accessibility Plan was approved, additional accessibility improvement projects have been initiated that were not originally included in the Plan. These include:

  • Platform edge improvements – Eglinton Station
  • Travel Training materials
  • Staff accessibility training updates
  • Streetcar platform design

Platform Edge Improvements – Eglinton Station

In response to ACAT advice and customer feedback from the 2014 Public Forum on Accessible Transit, TTC staff are working to design, test, and implement improvements to the subway platform at Eglinton Station, to make it easier for customers using mobility devices to board subway trains at this location. To achieve this objective, TTC plans to modify the platform edge at the south end of the centre subway platform, in the vicinity of the elevator, to better align with the height of subway trains. It is expected that construction of this improvement will be underway by late 2015.

Travel Training Materials

New travel training materials have been developed to assist customers with disabilities and seniors who are new to the TTC accessible conventional transit system. These materials are available on the TTC website, or on request from TTC customer service. They will also be distributed at TTC accessibility events, including the 2015 Public Forum on Accessible Transit, and to Wheel-Trans customers. The materials are designed to allow customers to learn on their own, or as part of a training session delivered by a third party.

Staff Accessibility Training

As part of ongoing efforts to ensure that TTC training materials incorporate current accessibility best practices, staff are working with ACAT members to revise training materials on disability matters that are provided to TTC staff members during training courses.

Streetcar Platform Design

TTC staff have worked closely with ACAT members to refine the standard design for TTC streetcar platforms located on-street. These improvements, including cane detectable tactile walking surface indicators to ensure safety for customers with vision impairments, consistent shelter and windscreen placement, and a new lower cane detectable handrail, will be standard components of all new and renovated streetcar platforms.