TTC has processes in place to obtain, monitor, evaluate and respond to customer feedback on accessibility matters. Feedback may be provided through our Customer Service Centre by telephone, fax, in-person, Twitter, or online. Considerable feedback from people with disabilities is also obtained from the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit and through the annual Public Forum on Accessible Transit.

Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT)

During 2015, ACAT and its subcommittees continued to be deeply involved in advising on and reviewing plans, vehicle and station designs; customers communications; Wheel-Trans strategy, policies, and eligibility criteria; and operating procedures of TTC services. ACAT’s activities in 2015 included:

  • advising TTC staff on the development of the 10-Year Wheel-Trans strategy and revised eligibility criteria;
  • testing of platform edge improvements at Eglinton Station;
  • reviewing designs for accessibility improvements at Lawrence, Sheppard-Yonge, Wellesley, and Chester Stations;
  • advocating for a customer education campaign regarding people with mobility devices boarding TTC buses, and later, participating in a photo shoot for this campaign; and
  • review of scheduled weekend subway closure plans, and advising on how to improve these arrangements to better serve customers with disabilities.

ACAT will continue to provide advice to TTC staff in 2016 as we work to achieve the objectives of the 2014-2018 TTC Accessibility Plan.

Public Forum on Accessible Transit

The TTC and ACAT jointly hold annual public meetings to obtain input on accessibility matters in order to inform our accessibility improvement initiatives. The eighth annual Public Forum on Accessible Transit was held in September, 2015 to discuss TTC accessible conventional and specialized services, vehicles, and facilities. This event, which is popular with TTC customers with disabilities, provides an opportunity for TTC senior staff and ACAT members to hear directly from customers about their accessibility priorities, complaints and commendations, and requests for change.

In response to customer feedback, the 2015 Public Forum was held at the Allstream Centre at Exhibition Place, a newer venue which featured improved acoustics and accessible amenities as compared to previous venues. While customer feedback on the new venue was generally positive, we have received feedback about the convenience of the location at Exhibition Place. Unfortunately, TTC has been unable to identify any other alternative convenient locations within the City of Toronto that are closer to subway lines and that are also able to accommodate large numbers of simultaneous Wheel-Trans pick-ups and drop-offs, can accommodate over 100 people using mobility devices, have level access between street and venue (i.e., no elevators), and have sufficient accessible washroom capacity. As a result, we will continue to hold the Public Forum at the Allstream Centre in 2016 and 2017.

This year, approximately 300 individuals attended the event in person. For customers unable to attend in person, the Public Forum was streamed live online for the first time ever, and the video was archived on the TTC’s YouTube Channel This external link opens in Youtube. Forty customers watched part or all of the live stream, and as of January 2016, the video had over 500 views on YouTube. Many others followed the conversation on Twitter or submitted comments through an online survey or to TTC Customer Service.

Several important accessibility matters were raised during this meeting, including suggestions for improvement, concerns, and general comments regarding:

  • Wheel-Trans booking/customer service wait times
  • Wheel-Trans trip wait times or delays
  • gap between subway trains and platforms
  • delay and diversion information in text formats on TTC vehicles
  • education on accessibility for all TTC customers

A summary of the event has been made available in the Accessibility section of the TTC website. In total, over 550 individual comments were received, which are all being reviewed. Staff and management responses to customer comments will be made available in the coming months.

TTC and ACAT will continue to hold Public Forums on Accessible Transit, on an annual basis.

People in Motion Show

In 2015, TTC expanded its presence at the annual People in Motion trade show. People in Motion is a large disability-related trade show and provides an excellent opportunity for the TTC to reach out to and educate attendees – many of whom are current Wheel-Trans customers – on the improved accessibility of the TTC’s conventional transit network.

The TTC booth featured a 12-metre TTC bus for customers to practice mobility device boarding and alighting, an accessible route trip planning station, TTC and Wheel-Trans information handouts, and ACAT information. Staff were on hand to respond to questions and collect feedback for review. TTC CEO Andy Byford attended for a “Meet the CEO” question and answer session and delivered a recap to the show attendees on the TTCs accessibility progress in 2015.