Accessibility: Boarding and exiting the low-floor streetcar

Narrator: The new low-floor TTC streetcars’ accessible design includes a retractable ramp to assist customers using mobility devices when boarding or exiting.

The ramp is located under the doors in the second module of the streetcar.

If you don’t need to use the ramp, please use the first, third and last set of doors, leaving the accessible door available for those who need it.

The ramp request button is located on the outside of the accessible doors, and a stop and ramp request button is located on board, next to the designated wheelchair-seating area.

The ramp is designed to deploy in two stages, reaching both the curb on the safety island and the pavement when boarding on the street.

Boarding and exiting the low-floor streetcar at a curbside stop

When boarding the streetcar at a curbside stop please wait for traffic to stop before approaching the streetcar.

Flashing lights on the back and the side of the streetcar indicate to motorists and cyclists that the streetcar is stopping and the doors will open.

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act states all vehicles must stop at least two metres from the streetcar doors and must not pass the streetcar while the doors are open.

When approaching a stop where a customer using a mobility device is waiting to board, the operator can activate the ramp request in advance and make an announcement informing customers that the ramp will deploy at the second set of doors.

The accessible doors remain closed, ready to deploy the ramp.

The operator will secure the streetcar and exit the cab. Wearing a safety vest, the operator will deploy the ramp externally.

The operator may ask for your stop, so they can be ready to deploy the ramp before you exit.

Operator: "Do you know what stop you'll be getting off at?"

Customer: "Spadina Station, please."

The area nearest the accessible doors is designated for those using mobility devices.

For your safety, the streetcar doors will close before the ramp is recalled.

If you need assistance to board using the ramp, the operator will assist upon request.

To request the ramp before exiting the streetcar, press the blue on-board stop and ramp request button.

For your safety, please make sure traffic has stopped before exiting the streetcar.

Customers using wheelchairs in the designated wheelchair area may need extra room to exit and may do so moving forward or back on the ramp.

Boarding and exiting the low-floor streetcar on the right-of-way

For your own safety, when boarding or exiting the new streetcar on the right-of-way, with stops located on a safety island, cross only at the crosswalk and always obey crossing signals.

The accessibility ramp is designed for customers using mobility devices, but it may also be requested by others who find it helpful for accessing the streetcar.

When using the ramp at a stop on a safety island, the operator can deploy the ramp from inside the cab or externally.

Blue priority seating is available near all streetcar doors. Please give up blue priority seats for those who need them.

To exit using the ramp on the on the right-of-way, the operator may deploy the ramp from inside the cab.

If a customer requests assistance with exiting using the ramp, the operator will exit the cab and assist where needed.

Customer: "Hi, can you help me off of here, please?"

Operator: "I sure can."

The low-floor streetcar includes other new features.

Announcement: "509 Harbourfront to Exhibition."

Door chimes and external announcements tell the vehicle route and destination the route and door for riders with limited vision.

During off-peak hours, bicycles have their own designated area at the back of the streetcar.

Presto card readers are located at all doors. Cash, token and ticket machines are located on board and curbside.

We can all help ensure barrier-free access and a safe, efficient and comfortable ride for customers of all abilities, by being aware of the streetcar’s accessibility features.

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