1. How do I know if my disability qualifies me for Wheel-Trans service? 
TTC Wheel-Trans provides a safe and reliable transportation option for persons with disabilities to travel with freedom and dignity. Applicants may be eligible for Wheel-Trans service if their disability prevents them from using TTC’s conventional transit for all or part of their trip. Disabilities may be permanent and/or temporary and are those identified in the Ontario Human Rights Code including, but not limited to physical, sensory, cognitive and mental health disabilities.
If your disability presents a barrier to taking conventional transit some or all of the time, then you may wish to submit an application form.
2. How do I apply for Wheel-Trans service?
Persons who believe they qualify for Wheel-Trans service should complete and sign the application. To ensure a fast and seamless application process, be sure to complete the application in full. Incomplete forms may be returned to the applicant for completion.
3. What types of health care professionals can fill out Section C?
Section C should be completed by a regulated/licensed health care professional. The list of TTC approved health care professionals includes: Physician, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Optometrist, Audiologist, Psychologist, Chiropractor, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Registered Nurse or regulated/licensed MSW (Master of Social Work). A complete list is also on the application form.
4. How long will it take for you to make a decision on my eligibility once I submit my completed application?
If your application is complete, and you do not require a functional assessment, an eligibility decision will be made in 14 days or less.
5. What do I do if I am having a planned surgery and will need Wheel-Trans?
Complete the Wheel-Trans eligibility application and submit it prior to your surgery. You will be granted temporary eligibility depending on your specific circumstance.
6. What do I do if I am in an emergency situation?
If you have had a sudden and unforeseen circumstance, where you need immediate Wheel-Trans service as a result of an emergency, please contact Wheel-Trans at WTEligibility@ttc.ca or by calling 416-393-4111. Please note that planned surgeries do not constitute an emergency.
7. If I qualify for Wheel-Trans what type of service can I expect to receive?
TTC offers three levels of Wheel-Trans eligibility in accordance with the AODA:
  • Unconditional service means that you have a disability that always prevents you from using TTC’s conventional service. You will always have Wheel-Trans door-to-door service available for your transportation needs.
  • Conditional service means that you have a disability that limits your ability to consistently use TTC conventional transit. You may be able to use conventional transit for all or part of your trip, but may also qualify for door-to-door service under specific circumstances (e.g., weather, travel to a non-accessible location).
  • Temporary service means you have a temporary disability that prevents you from using conventional TTC transit and you require Wheel-Trans service for some or all of your trip for a defined period of time. (e.g., knee or hip replacement, eye surgery)
8. What if you cannot make a decision about my eligibility based on the information provided in the Wheel-Trans application?
TTC is committed to providing a fair and objective eligibility process for all our applicants. To ensure we correctly match our transit services to your abilities, you may be requested to attend a functional assessment, in addition to submitting an application, to learn more about your abilities in performing activities related to travelling on transit. Your category of eligibility will be based on the information provided in your application and the results of a functional assessment (if required).
A functional assessment is a specific standardized evaluation that is administered by a registered occupational therapist. The functional assessment could be related to a physical, cognitive, sensory or mental health disability or a combination of disabilities. The results of the functional assessment will be sent to TTC staff and will determine whether you are eligible for service and the category of eligibility, i.e. conditional, unconditional or temporary.
9. What if I receive an eligibility decision and I do not believe it is fair, can I appeal the decision? How would I do this?
The TTC is obligated to assess all applicants and determine the correct category of eligibility based on individual abilities. We strive to provide a fair and objective eligibility process resulting in the best level of service for you. However, should you disagree with the eligibility decision; you may wish to request an independent appeal to have the decision reviewed.
You can download a copy of the appeal form from the TTC website or the form can be sent to you – either via email or mail. Submit the appeal form and any relevant supporting documentation to TTC within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the eligibility decision letter by one of the following methods:
  • By mail: 580 Commissioners Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1A7
  • Email: WTElibility@TTC.ca
  • Fax to: 416-338-0126
If you have not attended a functional assessment, we will call you to schedule an appointment. If the results of the functional assessment supports your appeal request, then there are no further steps for you to take, your eligibility will be updated on our system. If the functional assessment supports the original eligibility decision made by TTC staff, and you still believe that it does not accurately capture your ability, we will set up an appointment for you to meet with the Wheel-Trans Eligibility Appeals Panel. The appeals panel is made up of three (3) individuals, an occupational therapist, a transit expert, and a member of the community that has a disability. The panel will review all of your documentation, ask you specific questions and give you the opportunity to explain to them why you feel the original decision did not accurately capture your ability to use conventional TTC service. The panel will then make a decision that will support your position, uphold the original eligibility decision, or change your eligibility giving more or less access to Wheel-Trans. The decision of the appeals panel is final.
10. If I want to travel in the GTHA, will I have to apply with the different jurisdictions?
No, TTC and the other transit properties in the GTHA have signed an agreement to honor each other’s eligibility decisions to make it easier for our customers. All you need to do is fill out and sign (SECTION D) of the application and we will share your information when requested by another transit agency at time of booking and they will honour your eligibility.
11. If I fill out (SECTION E), TTC Support Person Assistance Card, how do I inquire about the status of the card?
Any questions regarding the card should be directed to the TTC Customer Service Centre. They can be contacted by calling 416-393-3030.
12. Who has to pay for to have Section C filled out?
The applicant is responsible for any costs that their health care professional may charge. We understand that medical professionals may be expensive, and we have included a variety of other health care professionals in hopes that they may be more affordable.
13. If I am a visitor from another city and require Wheel-Trans service do I have to apply?
No. If you are registered for a specialized transit service in your city we will provide you with up to thirty (30) days of service. If you require service beyond thirty days you will have to apply for service like any other customer.