How will the re-definition of eligibility affect me?

If you are a current customer you will be re-registered using the new eligibility criteria. Wheel-Trans will contact all of its registered customers when the time is appropriate to support them through the re-registration process. We don't anticipate starting this process until 2017, and it will take several years to complete.

In what way will the “Family of Services” approach affect me?

Family of Services will benefit all our customers by increasing our capacity to schedule trips and improving our ability to deliver those trips reliably. Should your eligibility status be deemed conditional, we will be customizing your trips using a combination of Wheel-Trans and other accessible TTC modes (e.g. subway or bus) to get you to your destination based on your individual abilities.

Is there a cost associated with the application process? If so, what is the cost? Who pays it?

Wheel-Trans does not charge for the application process. However, the new application may require your physician to complete part of the form and he/she may charge for this.

Will existing Wheel-Trans customers need to re-apply?

All existing Wheel-Trans customers will need to be re-registered. Right now, we are focused on updating the application and assessment processes for new customers eligible for Wheel-Trans service.

What happens to me if I am no longer eligible?

If you are a current Wheel-Trans customer, it is unlikely that you would not have some level of eligibility. However, if after your eligibility assessment, it is determined that you are no longer eligible for Wheel-Trans service, the TTC’s conventional transit services, i.e. accessible buses, subway trains and streetcars, will still be available to you. If it is determined that you now qualify for Conditional eligibility, then you will still have access to Wheel-Trans when a barrier limits your ability to use conventional transit services.

Why do existing customers need to reapply? Why are they not exempt?

We want to be sure that the service is always available for those customers where Wheel-Trans is their only option for part or all of their journey. We also want to ensure that the trip we provide best meets the needs for each customer’s booking. The re-certification process enables us to register all customers using the same new criteria and book their trips making use of all available services. For example, some people may see an improvement in their health condition that no longer requires them to be restricted to the door-to-door service. During re-certification, it may be deemed that they are Conditional and can use a mixture of door-to-door plus conventional transit service.

When will the “Family of Services” approach come into effect? 

We will be running a pilot of the Family of Services model shortly using volunteers. After we incorporate comments and suggestions for improvement from our pilot program customers, we will begin to roll out the service to customers with conditional eligibility.

If there is a new application process, is there a new appeal process?

We are working on creating new application and appeal processes. More information will follow.

I don’t know how to use fixed route services. How will I find out about them?

Wheel-Trans is developing a program for any customer wishing to build confidence in using the TTC’s extensive bus, streetcar and subway network.  More information will follow. In the meantime, should you wish to try the conventional transit system, we have a Handbook for Accessible Travel This PDF will open in a separate window. that provides information to help you use the conventional transit system.