There are five core objectives of the strategy:

  1. Develop a new service model
    1. Redefine eligibility for Wheel-Trans service in accordance with AODA legislation
    2. Design and implement a new service delivery model for accessible services (both specialized and conventional) provided by the TTC
  2. Community and stakeholder engagement
    1. Full community and stakeholder engagement ensuring understanding and support for the services we provide
  3. Culture change for a committed Wheel-Trans workforce
    1. Cultivate a committed, customer-focused workforce that shares a common vision and an organization that values its employees’ contributions
  4. Financial sustainability
    1. Operate in a fiscally responsible and transparent way so as to deliver services in a viable and sustainable manner
  5. Strategic regional partnerships
    1. Close partnerships with regional transit providers to facilitate consistent customer experience and operational opportunities across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA)