Attention WARNING: You may modify your email address only once in every 24 hour period.

The only exception to this rule is when logging into your My TTC e-Services Profile for the first time without completing the registering process. This will allow you to change your email address if you accidently entered the wrong email address when creating a My TTC e-Services Profile.

Step One

Click the “Modify My Email Address.” link.


Step Two – Enter the New Email Address

  • The form is pre-populated with the name and email address tied to your My TTC e-Services Profile. You can modify just the name or the email address or both. If you are modifying the email address, the email address must be confirmed.
Enter New email address screenshot
  • Click the red “Save” button to proceed. An error message will appear if he email addresses entered do not match or if any mandatory field (indicated by *) is left blank. Click the white “Cancel” button to abort. Clicking the white “Cancel” button will not change your email address.

Step Three – Activate the New Email Address

  • You must activate the new email address in order to receive service disruption notifications. You will receive an email containing an authorization code

Dear TTC Rider:

Thank you for registering for My TTC e-Services.

Your My TTC e-Services Activation Code is: tqindxqm

To complete the registration process, simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. You MUST sign into My TTC e-Services and activate your account within 7 days at using the username and password you just created.
  2. If you do not sign into My TTC e-Services and activate your account within the 7 day timeframe your account will automatically be deleted. Once your account has been deleted, you will be required to register again to access My TTC e-Services
  3. Once signed-in you will be asked to enter the activation code by copying and pasting it from this email or by typing it in.
  4. Do not reply to this email.
  • Click the “Activate this email address” link.
Click here activate screenshot

If you misplace the email containing the authorization code, you can request another activation code by clicking the “Resend the activation code to this email address” link. You can only request a new authorization code once every 24 hours.

  • Enter the authorization code and click the red “Activate” button.
Activate screenshot
  • You will receive an email confirming you have successfully completed the registration process.

Dear TTC Rider:

Thank you for activating the email address:

Sign into My TTC e-Services at to view or update your profile information. Once signed in you can:

  • Add, modify and remove TTC e-Alerts and manage your subscription preferences.
  • Temporarily suspend your TTC e-Alerts notifications
  • Add, modify and remove TTC email communications such as the TTC e-Newsletters

Thank you for signing up for My TTC e-Services.

Please do not reply to this email. This is an outgoing message only. To unsubscribe, go to